Monday, December 10, 2012

Needing You

It's funny that I love you like I have never loved another woman.
I'm more proud of you than anything.
I can't wait to see your face, feel your embrace, make love to your beautiful body.
Yet, when I can't get my hands on you, I do everything in my power to not think about you.
I guess that makes me a bad Lover.
Oh well I never claimed to be perfect.
We could talk on the phone, but every conversation sounds like "Whomp, whomp, whomp."
Why would I want to be reminded that the woman who owns my heart is inaccessible?

I seek distractions.
I feel like I'm in prison when I'm in the house and you are noy here.
I know you feel that when you are here I'd rather run the streets and play video games than give you attention.
I understand the conclusion, but you are not understanding me.
I need you here!
I may not give you all the attention you need nor support.
Still, I am not complete when you are too far away.

All I ever really wanted was to be able to lose myself in love like yours.
The world could stop turning and I would be fine with it as long as we are together.
So, when I can't have enough of you, I shut down.
I feel nothing, want nothing, and want to do nothing.
Every phone call becomes a dagger twisting as it pierces my organs.

Try to remember this love when I can't be everything you need.
I'm just not strong enough to be strong when we are separated.