Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Supaman Says is Moving

Yeah the title is right. My blog is moving to

Obviously you can still read the archive here. If you want to learn how I've grown and adjusted to society, or haven't, you may want to browse these archives. I don't think I will ever best the poetry and essays written here.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Romantic Monday: The Things You Do

I know not where I should begin.
For from the beginning your love has been given abundantly without end.

Your smile stole my heart, understanding and respect lured me in.
After our first hug I new we'd never be the same again.

I looked into your soul and saw a neglected needy spirit.
When I told you that, you didn't want to here it.

Unknowingly I bared my soul before you against my will.
You embraced it, cherished it, and you continue to do so still.

Remember how nervous you were before our first kiss in the tool shed?
As old as we are, we were so afraid we both almost fled.

And then we took a trip on the Train.
I knew them we would never be the same.

We consumated our love in haste.  Christening a special place.
I will never forget the joy I found when we were done and I saw the contented smile on your face.

Since then lover you have blown me away over and over to my surprise.
I've found as much pleasure in your mouth as I do between your thighs.

Never have I needed you and you not done your best to be there for me.
Despite my foolishness and ignorance you still show that you adore me.

Yes Lover, all I need in this life is you.
I will do all I can to be everything you need too.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekend Reflections: Keeping on Moving

I'm in a new house. I outgrew the old condo. Besides, a black ex-con wasn't exactly welcomed in that neighborhood.

I have a bigger home office now. I like the neighborhood better so far. I have a new lead on a job. The best part is I found a missing manuscript. I thought I would have to write my autobiography again from memory using the outline as a guide. That is a big weight off my shoulders.

I have several big projects in the works. A new series of Ebooks is in the works that includes self help and a how to series that will aid parents in detering their children from crime. Also I have been working on the DC Sniper's manuscript. It is a biography with poetry and art work. I knew Lee Malvo in prison. He was no more than a lost kid who fell under the influence of a madman. It could happen to anyone.

I start a new marketing project today. I will be appearing at The Cuttin Edge barber shop on Main St in Downtown Collinsville to perform poetry for the customers there. Exclusive material that I have't performed anywhere else!

Tomorrow I will be at Holy Cross Lutheran church to participate in prayer walk. I will be shedding some light on the needs of prisoners before Pastor Ed Engelbrecht leads the church members in prayer.

Then there is a meeting with Zulu Saint Louis next Saturday. A new chapter of the famous organization that is so active in so many ways throughout New Orleans is coming to Saint Louis. This is an interesting first and I'm honored to be a part of it. There has never been an expansion chapter of Zulu!

In all, I must say life is looking great from where I sit. I want better and I want more, but I can't complain. I have everything I need to get the rest of what I need as I continue to work on improving myself and changing a social system that creates it's own diseases like poverty that breeds crime.

Lastly, I have to give kudos to the woman that stole my heart. I have been looking around a long time and now I'm sure I found the one I want. I just have to figure out how to make her mine forever. This video is for her.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

Friday, April 1, 2011

Philosophy Friday: The Sweetest Love

"Every day is Christmas and every night New Years Eve!"

It's funny how love is often found in the bedroom even when it does not exist elsewhere in a relationship. I dare venture to say we have all been there at some time or another.  Though few of us recognize when this is happening to us.

So what is love really? Physiologically, it is a chemical reaction in the brain that can be duplicated by certain drugs. None of us really care about that aspect of though do we?

When most of us think of love we think about that powerful emotion that makes us make sacrifices for others' safety, pleasure, happiness, and/or joy.

I get that kind of love and I try to give as much of it as I receive. I usually fall short. Then there are those times when I am scared out of my mind by the way I get attached to others because it is very hard for me to trust people. After all, I have been abused, neglected, mislead and abandoned by all the people in my past. Hell, trying to make friends has led to all kinds of claims and accusations against me since I've been home.

I have long known the first prerequisite of truly satisfying love is the love of one's self. If a person can't get that right they will never be able to express love to another effectively. Not unless their lover has very low expectations. This does happen a lot so some people have little to worry about I guess.

I love myself to the point that some believe I'm arrogant. I really couldn't care less.

Get it?

It isn't easy to love another human being the way they desire to be loved unless that person knows themselves well enough to be able to communicate what their needs and desires are.

Ladies, I know most of you can't wait to find a man who can do that. It's not the man's fault though. More than likely he grow up thinking he shouldn't feel certain emotions. That made him suppress a lot of the emotions that you want/need him to show you. He can't explain what he doesn't understand.

Now there is the part where we all have to be accepting of differences in other. However, that does not mean we have to put up with being miserable in order to be true to the people we love. That is the opposite of loving ourselves.

The most important factor of a healthy joyful relationship is choosing the right person to emotionally invest ourselves in. Unfortunately too many people choose the wrong person to love from the beginning. We stay with them for various reasons. Usually some form of dependency.

Most of us have been there too. In fact, some of us choose our mates as a result of neediness in the first place. We are dependent from the very start.

Are you relationships sweet, sincere, reciprocal and fulfilling?

If it isn't perhaps this should be discussed with those you love. If this can't be discussed with them, then there is probably a problem there that will never be fixed.

If this is so, I'm sorry. I pray that you will find persons to love who fulfill you in every way.

Always real:
Supaman Tion Terrell