Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Money for Causes and Groups

Today, I posted on Facebook that I created a website wherefrom I will be selling the new release from the Think Outside the Cell Series "The Hard Journey Home."

I created the Coalition of Advocates for Prisoners Facebook Page in July because I wanted to encourage the many Facebook groups and causes to work together in order to find a way to make greater achievements in our struggle to change the penal legislation that creates more crime than it deters.

Responses were lackluster. But, the few that were received were good. I learned a lot about who was interested in forming an organized community of activists.

Well, I've done my part. The first book will be available for prepublication autographed copies possibly by the end of the week. Currently, I'm waiting for PayPal to verify my banking arrangements. A portion of the proceeds from sales on my site will be donated to the causes that are interested in working with others to insure more support for petitions and activism projects.

Lets get it together my friends. I've talked the talk and now  I'm walking the walk. Who cares to walk with me?

I ask none of you for anything more than willingness to work with others to achieve the goals we all profess to share.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell


  1. thank you so much Tom.Would like to hear more from you in the please message me and chat .Thank you .

  2. I would like to be invited to participate. I am working with one other group, who is interested in my work and passion to free lifers. You can email me at that is my private email. Namaste! My developing non-profit is in need of funds to continue the work of writing letters of advocacy and getting out the truth about the prison system and the terrible conditions and sentencing guild lines and laws that are broken by the courts as well as the prison staff on a daily basis. I have written many letters of advocacy for the prisoners and for people who were going to prison or facing a parole hearing and soon to be released. Please help us remain in the loop. And check out the John Greschner Defense Committee/The Prison Educational Foundation. All the information that is needed for you to make your decision is there on the group site. Thank you for your time, and Namaste! Roxanne Greschner M.A.