Monday, January 31, 2011

Romantic Monday Article 7: The Hard Times

No one with a sound mind would doubt my love for you.

I feel things for you that I have never felt about another human being, not even my mother. I love you to the point that it has become painful. It hurts when one of us misunderstands the other.

I'm so confused most of the time. I don't know how to go about my personal life anymore. All I really want is you. The only way I want to spend  my free time is with you. In your arms, seeing your smille. Or making love and listening to the music your voice makes when I do the things you enjoy.

It's too bad life can't be the way we want it right? Instead, I must endure times without you. Times when I don't know what to do with myself because I can't get to you. I want to talk with you constantly. No that isn't true. I want to spend every moment with my lips touching yours. Our tongues dancing and caressing one another.

I'm jealous of every other living thing that gets to be near you, see you smile, or even hear your voice.

I want to possess you. I want to crawl inside your skin and live there. Which reminds me of our arguments over whether or not I need to let go when we make love. I could care less if I never have a finale. I just want to stay inside you forever and give you every pleasure a man can give a woman.

Each of your climaxes is one of my most proud achievements.

I only want one thing more than I want you.

I want to know how to love you better.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Romantic Monday Article 6

I can't keep the tears from falling. I can't stop wondering whats wrong with me. It is almost as though the moments we are not together are like years.

I don't understand how my heart can be so wrapped up in you. I'm not complaining, then again, maybe I am. I want to know why I have times when I'm left feeling like missing you will kill me. I want to know why the sound of your voice (real or imagined) makes me shudder.

Sometimes I wonder if this is love, or if its worship. Maybe it is just insanity.All I know is that when I need you at times when you aren't there I wanna die. Living just hurts too much.

Sometimes I tell myself that I should be happy. Not every man in the world can say he has won the heart of the woman of his dreams like I have. It never works though. When I'm not near you there is not enough air to breathe. There is never enough heat to keep me warm. I can not be satisfied.

I never intended to love you like this. I don't even know what you have done to possess me so. I don't even know if I like it. I love loving you, but it gets hard feeling like I'm only half alive when I have to be away from you.

I don't even know how I can go on composing this article. I usually pour my heart into these passages, but today my heart is not with me. It is in your hands. If i dig deep, all I find is the emptiness that lies where my heart used to be.

Take care of it for me. You can keep as long as you desire. I won't need it.

All I need is you.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Humpday Entertainment presents: A Reality

A Reality
Tion Terrell

A Reality
I wonder If you like your world.

I don't like the world very much, but mine isn't the same as yours is it.

Isn't it amazing that we can all create our own realities and still not like them?

Give it some thought.

We can all choose to be whoever, or whatever, we choose, but most of us still aren't happy.

And why do so many of us believe, I'm okay, but you are not?

You never will be until you are what I think you should be.

I have prejudices but you have no right to judge me.

Go ahead admit it.

Many think I can't be a good person because I went to prison for doing the things I learned to do while growing up in a household with alcoholics, drug addicts, gamblers and whoremongers.

I guess its MY fault that I was abused neglected and molested.

But, I'm not whining.

Truth is, I like the way I turned out.


I have a good job....but I can't quit smoking.

I think I'm handsome....But I do have a potbelly.

I've accomplished alot in the year I've been out of prison. I'm a changed man. But I'm not rich yet.

And how come nobody understands me but poets and shrinks.

I feel like an alien.

No... Thats not right.

My life is like "Planet of the Apes."

I went to prison and came back to see that I missed out on evolution.

The self-righteous mindless puppets have multiplied.

Most of the blacks seem to be content living like a subspecies.

People treat pets better than relatives.

The clear thinkers are the people we call crazy.

Oh...but wait a minute. Isn't your world like that too?...Isn't it?

Do you like it more or less after seeing it through my eyes.

So what are you going to do about it?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Romantic Monday Art. 5

Yes lover, things like this run through my mind when I set across the room from you during those quite times while you watch TV.

Then there are the times when I run my fingers through your thick brown hair. You lay on my chest at and I listen to you breathe. It's best when you are trying to catch your breath while you wait for your body to stop trembling.

But, it doesn't stop there. I write about you all the time. I might as well include the latest.


How can the memories we make continue to get better?
Each day I learn to love you in new ways and to greater depths.
Never have I found such joy in another human being.
Have you noticed the way others look at us?
They stare.
Some in envy.
Some in utter confusion.
I can hear their minds working.
"How can such an odd couple be so happy?"
But, we are not odd.
We're just two people who waited way too long to find one another.
But, that isn't a proper summary.
We found each other at the perfect time.
When our needs could not have been greater.
Timing just as perfect as you, My Love.
I couldn't even sleep last night.
The memories of our joys forced me to stay awake and relive them.
I never want to sleep again!

I love you,

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Resilience Multimedia wants to serve Formerly Incarcerated People

Below is a sample of a survey I'm posting on behalf of Resilience Multimedia:

The Think Outside the Cell Foundation and its Resilience Multimedia publishing program want to get to know you better, so that we can serve you better. To that end, we’ve come up with a few questions that we hope you will take a few minutes to answer. Many thanks!

1. If you are formerly incarcerated, what would help to make your reentry and reintegration into society easier? Please be as specific as possible.

2. Do you blog? Tweet? If so, about what topics mostly?

3. What, if any, blogs do you read? List a few.

4. List your five favorite web sites that you visit regularly. What do you like about each of these web sites?

5. Do you read e-books? If so, what was the last e-book that you read?

6. What newspapers and/or magazines do you read regularly?

7. How do you define success?

8. What brand of cell phone do you own/use?

9. What other mobile devices do you own/use?

This survey is available for submition online @

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekly Reflections: Dear Foe

Your last comment goes to show how stupid you really are. I wonder if you realize that it can be traced. You can not hide behind the web. In fact, your not even stepping up and claiming your childish comments shows a lot about your character. I won't even bother with revenge right now because I get such satisfaction out of you expressing your hatred in such a childish way.

If I were you, I'd hate me too. I throw reality into your face when you have been content so long with the crap you've been spoon fed by other fools. You say I have no education, try me. Prove something that I've written wrong. Prove something that I've said wrong.

You attack me because you spend your life wishing you could be something you are not. Trying your best to fit in amongst people you feel are your betters. Then I come along, a black ex-con with the audacity to stand up to those betters whose buttocks you've been kissing and show them they are a bunch of fools and hypocrites.

I'm smarter than you, and have a better job than you. Soon I will be more wealthy than you. I've had successes that make you sick to your stomach and I haven't been out of prison a whole year yet.

It's a sad world when a man must compromise certain morals just to make a way in this world. If I spoke the whole truth all the time everyone would hate me just as much as you. Just like yourself, the majority of people are content with their false realities and they hate anyone who can challenge them. But, sadly for you, your hatred runs deeper, because you tried to debate with me and lost. You couldn't even control your emotions. You never can. You are weak, ignorant and childish.

You aren't even a challenge to me because you debate facts with emotions. Grow up a little. Become someone that you like. Stay in your place and leave the intellectual banter to those who are intelligent enough and mature enough to handle it.  

Your Nemesis

I guess you need a dictionary for that word right? Have fun.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Philosophy Friday: I Walk Alone

"With much wisdom comes vexation, and he who increases knowledge increases in sorrow."

If there is a Bible verse I will stand behind, it's Proverbs 1:18. I'm not a religious person because I know religions were created by men. Also because the people who profess to follow any given religion don't do very good jobs of it. They don't even heed their own religious scriptures. I do believe in a God, and helping others, however, I'm convinced that the world we live in isn't godly.

I'm not perfect either, but I at least have the fortitude to be honest with myself and to seek a true understanding of reality which so many would rather I not discover. My biggest problem is verbal lashing out when I'm angry, but that's a great leap from being violently vindictive as I once was.

People can only be ruled through ignorance. Ignorance must be carefully propagated in our age of information disseminating resources. Thus we have the media industry and various entertainment spectacles. And, lets not forget religions; which history shows us has been a means of mass control to the people in power since the beginning of popular recorded history. But then, most of recorded history has been filtered and falsified by the governing parties.

A fact in history that no one can dispute is that all the great thinkers from Socrates to Einstein were thought to be crazies by the masses. Only later were the great philosophers, mathematicians, and scientists respected for their genius. What's funny is that there are many alive right now who have the same aptitude as the great thinkers of history who walk around blind to their potential, or who sell it corporations for money, or who suppress it because they have no outlets that will give them satisfaction. That lack of satisfaction comes from the average person's unwillingness to accept uncomfortable truths.

All my life I've been one of the latter. I wanted to fit in. I didn't want to be the nerd. I was a class clown and trouble maker in school. I aspired to be a thug. I used drugs to mask the unhappiness. I even tried suicide a few times. Then I landed in prison for ten years.

I emerged a learned individual with poor social skills. I have been feeling like less of a human being because of my social blunders, but not anymore. I see now the truth is that those people with all the social graces are fakes. They do what they have to do to fit in. They bite their tongues and they do what is expected of them to avoid rocking the boat.

Yeah I may not always make people happy. People may choose not to like me, but at least I'm honest with myself and with the one person who matters most to me.

I can live with that.

By the way, to the coward who insists on posting ridiculous attacking comments on this blog I know who you are. You mat want to quit while you are ahead. My patients is worn thin. Consequences catch up with everyone.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Little Effort Goes a Long Way

This is an email I received in response to various efforts.  U.C.A.P. intends to make the same type of global impact in 2011:


Thank you.

On January 12 one year ago, the lives of millions of Haitians changed forever. In the aftermath of the earthquake, tens of thousands of supporters like you sprang into action, allowing Oxfam to implement a swift response that continues today.

But that was just the beginning. From the flooding in Pakistan to the devastating oil spill in the Gulf Coast, we were there.

This year, we expanded our dynamic Saving for Change program and reached nearly 320,000 people in Mali. Our work enabled farmers in East Asia to achieve higher yields with fewer seeds and less water. Oxfam's efforts contributed to victories in the Salvadoran legislature – which passed a new law criminalizing violence against women – and in the Peruvian Congress, which enacted a citizen consultation law supporting indigenous rights. In the US, we achieved a major win after three years of hard work with the passage of oil, gas, and mining transparency legislation.

As the New Year begins I want to congratulate you on your achievements in 2010. You made these accomplishments possible. The progress we make is a testament to the potential of a movement that is fueled by your commitment. Imagine what we can achieve together in 2011.


Raymond C. Offenheiser


Oxfam America

Learn more @

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Humpday Entertainment presents: S.K. Yule

He gently restrained her hands and smiled down at her, knowing the two pack members watching could not see his expression with his back to them. “Good girl.”
“I’m not a dog.”

His brows dipped down. “I did not know that I implied that you were.” If she had an aversion to dogs, he was in deep shit.

“Most people refer to their dogs with a hearty “good girl” or “good boy” when they do something worth praise. I’m not a damn pet.”

“I didn’t mean it like that,” he whispered next to her ear, and didn’t miss the way she quivered when his warm breath hit her cool skin.

She blew out an agitated breath. “I know. I’m just a little on edge.”

He nodded, and as she finished up with her bath, he cleaned himself quickly and tugged her from the lake. He picked up the one towel they had been given and handed it to her. He wrestled his jeans over his wet skin, and waited for her to dry and dress before leading her back toward the cave. When they settled toward the back wall, he was pleased to see that they’d been given a bit more food than the previous night, most likely a reward for heeding Damon’s commands.

They ate in silence while night fell, and he watched as the stars popped out and twinkled around a nearly full moon. “We are leaving tomorrow night.”

She stopped chewing and set her bowl down. “Thank God. Do you think we will make it?”

Her eyes sparkled with doubt, and he wanted to assure her they’d be okay, but he couldn’t guarantee anything. “I’ll protect you.” That wasn’t a lie. He’d die protecting her.

“I’m scared.” Janine’s bottom lip quivered.

The need to comfort her beat through him. He reached for her and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her snug against him. “We’ll get through this. Somehow, we’ll get through this.”

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Romantic Monday Issue 1 Art. 4: Dedication

No sane person would doubt my love for you.
I've gone to great lengths to show and express it.
Even now, when my heart hurts because of the trials I endure to work on us, it is still overflowing with love for you.
There truly isn't much I wouldn't do for you lover.
Yet, I'm afraid you don't know that.
So many times I've swallowed my convictions to see your smile.
I've even forfeited my dignity and surrendered my self respect.
I make these assertions not to complain, but to remind you of the sacrifices I've made to make you happy.
I don't know what it is about your love that overpowers me so greatly.
But I do know I love it.
I get kicked around, and stepped on.
I get abused and humiliated.
Not by you of course.
We know it is those who think I am not good enough.
I've wanted to leave this town for some time now.
But doing so would mean leaving you, because I can't afford to take you with me were I to leave at this time.
That I can not do!
So here I shall remain until my hard work culminates in the success I strive for.
I'm not sure if this is what is best for me, but I know I can't live without you.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekly Reflections: Our Successes are too Few.

I've been a part of the activism scene for only a brief time, but already I have a deeper understanding as to why we are not very successful as a whole.

Cheerleading: Standing on the sidelines making noise.

Actism: (I made the word up) Pretending to be an activists while doing nothing more than talking to kill time.

Fraud: I get so many reports of possible scam artists I can't even address them all. I don't have time for mud slinging nor do I have the patience.

Childishness: We aren't kids! Yet, some of us act like it when someone presents facts we don't want to hear. Then we turn around and start campaigning against those we are supposed to be working with to make changes.

Selfish Agendas: I'm so sick of being asked to join causes to free such and such person that my head is spinning. This is not about any one person people. It is about the system as a whole. Besides, I've wasted a lot of time while in prison helping people while being lied to. Sorry but I can't risk my credibility nor that of my supporters on a person I don't know because they claim to be innocent.

Busybodies: I get requests to join dozens of causes everyday. How in the hell can I actively contribute to that many causes. I'd be a fool to try. Sometimes these request are coming from the same person. What I'd like to know is, how in the hell can you be an activists if you are in front of your computer all day chatting and sending around cause requests.

Promise Makers: This I'm also guilty of. I've committed to doing things with good intentions, but later i get so overwhelmed by the work involved with other projects that I can't do everything I want to do. However, I've never committed to do something that I didn't intend to do. Nor, have I ever just decided to be lazy and not do anything. We have to be able to trust and have faith in one another, if we are going to work together and succeed.

Whiners: I've had so many conversations and IM chats with people who have more complaints than I ever want to count. But that's all some of these people want to do is complain and then wait for someone else to do the work for them.

Hitchhikers: I can't even name all the people who have tried to use me and U.C.A.P. for their own gains without bringing anything to the table. I hate that. I'm not here to be used to make you or your organization stronger unless you are willing to do the same for the other organizations who are a part of this struggle.

I guess I'm done. At least for now. I have to bring these things to light for everyone to consider. If you are not serious about getting some things done as a whole then leave the rest of us alone. We have too much work to do in my attempts to change a corrupt system.

The task before is not an easy one. We are fighting a system that has been strategically put into place and has a lot of support from people with real power. If we keep going the way we are going we might as well stop trying. Yeah we might free a few prisoners, but the system isn't changing very much.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

Friday, January 7, 2011

Philosophy Friday Issue 1. Art.3: More Bread More Circus

More bread more circus is a mantra made famous by Julius Ceaser. It meant that if the people have a culture filled with entertainment and enough necessities they will be easy to control.

Sadly the same still holds true. Here in America very few people pay attention to reality.

I had a talk with someone very close to me right after doing some research about prison statistics. I explained to  her that prisons are filled with over 38% blacks, while blacks only make up just over 12% of the U.S. population.

Her response was so weird that I didn't know whether to be angry or to feel sorry for her. Her view was that black people commit all the crimes in the country. She argued that this was the case because it was what she saw on the news.

In another discussion I quoted the stat that more than 20% of American people are on welfare. Someone responded, "Well, Blacks are the ones in the ghettos having five or six babies."

This type of ignorance is the problem that those of us who want to change an oppressive system must combat. This is the real fight. Someone at church told me that I always think I'm right, and that I attack people. She said this because I point out truths that people have been trained to ignore. Truths that alter the false realities they have embraced.

I gave what she said some thought then I responded. "No, I don't think I'm always right. I just don't open my mouth unless I know what I'm talking about. If someone wants to debate with me based on what they think or feel then they don't have a chance of winning that debate."

Then she said to me, "Well maybe you are the one who has been scarred and the rest of us are normal."

I can't argue with that. The norm in our society is to form opinions based on propaganda. Then most develop misguided prejudices which others are subjected to--whether they deserve it or not.

We are society that thrives on ignorance. We spend our lives coveting things that hold no significance. We believe things that are not rational. We hold on to rituals that are destructive and instill them in our children. For the most part we hate those who are intelligent enough to see our mistakes and who have the courage to try to point them out to us.

We want to be ignorant!

How terribly sad.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

How terribly sad.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Inmate Voices Vol.2 Art. 2: Harold Lee


Your letters seem to fade away

Your time is no longer your own

The enthusiasm you apply to a cause

Has really really grown

You give your time to serve what is right

In aid of those confined

Reaching out to people in need

A helping hand, a word thats kind

Seldom is anyone turned away

It mattersnot the nature of a crime

You value the making of a friend

for you a friendship means a lifetime

So even though your letters fade

I know the burden you bear

I may show moments of doubt

When no mail brings dispair

Thats just me being the fool

Cuz I know you really care

You show that in each letter you write

And in the things you share

So please forgive my indiscretion

You girl I truely adore

Each time I think of you

I love that much more

I support all you do

No matter what that might be

You bring awareness to the wrongs of the world

That means a lot to me

H.L. Oct 5

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Romantic Monday: Art. 3

Well, I wonder what I might have done to earn such wonderful expressions of sentiments from such a marvelous woman.

It is still like a dream to think that I have won your heart when to so many I am a scourge not worthy of respect nor dignity.  It would not be an exaggeration were I to proclaim you are my source of hope; my every desire fulfilled; and my reason to keep fighting despite all those who oppose me.

You are what makes my life a fantasy come true. The way we touch and laugh, and strengthen one another is a life about which many an epic romance have been written.

It is at times like these, when I reflect upon the treasures I have in you, that I'm reminded how unworthy I am of your love and such a beautiful life with you.

The things you do to me and the way you make me feel are often hard to believe. The way you make love to me reminds of all the joys I've forgotten and never learned, nor dreamed, existed. 

My lover, my joy, my dream, promise me that you will always be by my side. Do not leave me die of a broken heart when you realize that no man is worthy of a woman who possesses grandeur such as yours.

You force me to think of all the tales and fantasies that children posses about perfect people and perfect lovers. Each day that passes you show me there is validity in fairy tails.  There is so much more to you than meets the eye. So much more to the pleasure you give than can be comprehended by the senses or intellect.

There is only one thing more that I could ask of you Sweet Lover, please explain to me how I have become the most fortunate man alive by being the one you love.