Monday, July 26, 2010

Who I Am

Since I created the Facebook page United Coalition of Advocates for Prisoners, I have had many doubt my intentions, purpose, and capabilities. Some of the skepticism is rational. Most of it isn't. However, I won't explore which is which. Other people's trust issues are not my responsibility, so I won't bother with soothing fears and disproving suspicions.

However, I will fill you all in on what mt life has been like since I shared the excerpt from the "Think Outside the Cell Series" which will be released in September. At least that's the plan. The post date is May 13th, 2010. It explains my struggle to establish myself as a productive member of society with no help from society

I left off explaining that things were starting to look up. My Pastor, Steve Artz, saw to it that I made it to and from the classes in St, Louis. I tried to include the program manager on a commitee to build a halfway house here in Collinsville, but those plans fell through.

It's fuuny how we all commit to things with good intentions, but don't always follow through.

I started working for property owner and realtor Ken Quinlan in late April. He's a good man, but is misunderstood because he rents to tennants who aren't always what they are cracked up to be. He tries hard to clean his properties up, but the police would rather blame him for the criminals who loiter on his properties than do their jobs to enforce the law.

Meanwhile, I did all I could to prepare to promote the above series and find another job. Neither has worked out well. The writing business is not as glamorous as some assume. You have to work hard to promote yourself until you gain renown. I perform poetry, and rap and sing often. I don't get paid much of anything for it either. I'm pretty well taken care of by the owners of Johnny's Sidebar though. I'm working on putting videos together to Youtube since the performances there are so good. The employment search hasn't been easy. It's hard to get the type of work I'm qualified for with a 10yr prison sojourn in your past. There is hope though. I'm being considered for a MIT position at Domino's Pizza now. I should know something within a week. Domino's has also agreed to work with me on the Talent Show I'm producing.

The post mentioned above has caused some problems too. I didn't expect to get away with slamming on politicians all across the state without suffering consequences. They have been minimal to this point, but I look forward to their getting worse. On July 22nd, I wrote about my friends Doug and Johnny and a call Doug received from an employee of Madison County warning him about my being known as a troublemaker here in town.

More personally, there have been other problems too. I used to flirt a lot. That has been hard on some. Women who have been taught to fear and hate people who meet my description and who have pasts like mine take the slightest compliment as harrassment or signs that I might be a threat to them. It took a while for that to sink in.

On the other hand, I've accomplished alot with the help of friends and church family. I started by buying my own computer and investing time and money into learning how to use it more efficiently. Then, I bought a phone with web capabilities. After that, I made arrangements with the courts to pay my fines and have my driver's license reinstated. I have my driver's license now.

I broke my wrist the very same day I received the fax from the Virginia Dept. of Motor Vehicles. While out of work, I increased my web presence by joining the fight for prisoners' rights and death penalty abolition. I also refreshed my memory on publishing law and tax law in preparation to found a nonprofit that will enable me to support activist groups in their fight for the same things. I intend to sell the books I've written and create an electronic magazine to raise the money. I can handle my end just fine, but I'm learning many activists are quite immature and some are psychologically unstable. I have a lot of work to do to sort through who is who before I can get to work on the primary objectives.

I've become a member of the Collinsville Jaycees so I can learn to be a more productive member of society through getting trained by an organization that focuses on improving the community. As stated above, I also took on a major project of my own. I'm producing a talent show that will take place in April. I've also been more active in the church. The Collinsville Area Ministerial Association provides tons of food and thousands of dollars in emergency financial aid to needy persons throughout Collinsville each month. They operate from my church as does a thrift store that sells new and used clothes to the public for little or nothing. I do alot to help both operations and I do all I can to help the church in general.

Does it sound like I'm bragging? I'm not. I'm just telling you what my life has been like. Not bad for less than six months out right?

I'll be the first to admit I'd be nowhere if it weren't for the gifts God has given me in the form of intellect, drive, experience, and the support of those who believe. I also have to give credit to two very inportant women. Crystal took me in when I was released from prison despite protest from some of those who were closest to her. Debbie Nichols, my best friend could not be praised enough. She is like a big sister and mother, as well as a good friend. Our closeness makes some uncomfortable, but thats life I guess. It angers me greatly that people can be so suspicious and dirty minded because it puts a strain on our friendship. I have to live with that though, but its pretty easy to do when you have a true friend you know you can count on to guide you through most troubles. I have been terribly hotheaded at times and she literally has prevented me from going back to prison on more than one occassion. I've learned to think more clearly thanks to her.

This is my life in a nutshell. I don't really care who likes me and who doesn't. I'm just telling it all so that you can get it from the horses mouth. I believe in integrity. If you want to know something about me, you can get it from me. Just ask. I don't believe in hiding much, unless divulging something will harm innocent people.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

Friday, July 23, 2010

A Call to all Collinsville Citizens

Want to help local students who face overwhelming odds even before entering the classroom? Here are three easy ways that you can:

(+) The Collinsville Connection will, once again, be collecting School Supplies for the students of Kreitner Elementary School. We invite you, your family, and your friends to stop by our "Donation Station" and drop-off any new School Supplies that you can help out with. (Pencils, pens, crayons, markers, colored pencils, highlighters, notebooks, folders, glue sticks, glue bottles, scissors, backpacks and lunch boxes are just a few examples.) You can find our "Donation Station" at the following upcoming events: the remaining "Movies on Main" Free Outdoor Movie Nights, the upcoming "First Day" event at The Gateway Center, and at the not-so-distant "Tunes at Blum" Free Summer Concert Series at The Blum House.

(+) The Collinsville Jaycees are hosting a Mini Golf Scramble at Gateway Fun Park on July 31st, from 6-8pm. The Jaycees invite you to putt your way to making a difference, as all proceeds will go toward purchasing School Supplies for children in the Collinsville School District. Admission to participate in the event is $10.

(+) From now through August 7th, FCB Collinsville Bank is hosting a School Supply Drive. Donations are accepted in the lobby and will be given to Helping Hands Ministries - (formerly Collinsville Area Ministerial Association). Even just $5 worth of School Supplies helps out drastically and can make a huge difference.

If there's anything that we forgot (or to promote something that your group or business is doing), feel free to post something on our Wall! Your input is always appreciated.

The Collinsville Connection

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Touching Realization

I told my Facebook friends that I'd been labeled a troublemaker in the town of Collinsville, IL. I learned of this about a week ago when Doug, co-owner of Johnny's Sidebar told me that he'd received a phone call from a woman who asked him if he knew a black man named Terrell was hanging outside his bar and if he knew that I was a trouble maker. He asked her why she felt this way. She answered that she works for Madison County and that she knows I'm a troublemaker.

Like any real man would, Doug asked me what it was all about. I explained the things I wrote about in "What You Asked For" post date: May 13th, 2010.

Well, last night, I headed out to St. Louis to compete in the St. Louis Poetry Slam competition. However, I ran into bad traffic that prohibited my arriving on time. I turned around and went back to Johnny's Sidebar to perform on the open mic hosted there each Wednesday. I do it quite often.

When I arrived, I told Doug about my bad luck. He shrugged and told me to hop on stage.

Now, before I go on, let me state that Doug not only accepted me from the very beginning while knowing my past, he ignored the slanderous remarks of a county official. Still, even more touching is the fact that he relinquished profit on more than one occasion.

How many businessmen do you know of who would do that for someone who is not liked by more than one official of the city wherein he does business?

I didn't realize the significance of our friendship until today. He wasn't even included in the previous post "Bliss" I dedicated to my friends.

So this one's for you Doug. Yours is the first picture to ever be displayed in a post here at "Supaman says:" You too Johnny (Doug's brother and co-owner.) I'm proud to say I know you two. I wish you guys the best of fortune in all your ventures.

I want my Collinsville readers to know we really do have a lot of fun on Wednesdays. If any of you care to go to my Facebook page to see photos of "Killer Drifter ," they are in my newest Photo album "Johnny's Sidebar". I just wanted to give you a glimpse of some of the interesting talent displayed during open mic night.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Not every man can say that he has inspiration to be his best. In fact, very few men have such a thing.

Having said this I must confess to being a very fortunate individual. I would even argue that I might be the luckiest man alive. You see my friends, not only have I found a purpose I can sink my teeth into, I have also managed to build relationships with the most special people I have ever met in my life.

I have always had my church family to depend on. My best friend, of course, shines like a beacon on a clear night. Some of these special people have been befriended online. Best of all, the woman who took me in when I was released from prison has been a true jewel.

I think about the fight I've committed myself to with some apprehension. The rights of prisoners is something I give my heart to, but I am fast learning that my hardest fights in this cause will be against so-called internet activists--if I let that happen. Which I won't.

My commitment is something not many will understand or are used to. I was in a prison where inmates were beaten, sexually assaulted, starved and a few times killed by guards. I can't walk away from that without a craving for justice. Notice I said justice and not vengeance. Revenge would be subjecting the bastards to the same treatment they dished out.

Sounds like the death penalty doesn't it?

No matter what I will have to endure, I can be confident that my friends won't let me fall flat on my face. Their willingness to accept me as I am and to support me shows me how great human beings can be. They encourage me, without knowing it, to keep up the good fight.

I find myself spread a little thin, but I can handle that as long as I have true friends around me. You all know who you are. I love you.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Apprentice: Collinsville

Today I'm posting a letter written by a young man I'm proud to know. He also happens to be a fellow member of the Collinsville Jaycees. I need not go further because the letter is self-explanatory. I've considered summarizing this letter, but I don't believe I could do so without diminishing the significance of it's content. I have made a few changes but they were mechanical.

Dear Community Partner,

Good afternoon. My name is Jed Robbins, and I'm 20 years young.

I'm writing you on behalf of the Collinsville Connection, a group that a couple of my friends and I started with the purpose of stimulating youth involvement in the community, providing resources to allow residents to have their voices heard, and to continue a close and insightful connection to the city of Collinsville. Since we created The Collinville Connection in January 2009, we've seen the group grow from three of us to over 1,900 members, and we've hosted a number of events and fundraisers to address problems that we've noticed throughout the community.

As a result of getting involved and getting others involved, I was recently named one of Suburban Journals "30 under 40", which is a project that the Suburban Journals does to honor young people who are making a difference in their communities throughout the Metro East area. Although I'm honored to be included in such a prestigious group of individuals, the things that The Collinsville Connection does are not about me. They are about the community, and we need the community's help for our next project: " The Apprentice: Collinsville."

"The Apprentice: Collinsville" Scholarship Competition is a collaborative venture among the Collinsville Connection, students in the Collinsville High school Class of 2011, and a wide range of local entities, organizations and businesses. The concept-modeled after the hit reality T.V. show "The Apprentice"- is to have 14 students from CHS Class of 2011 (selected from previously submitted online applications) compete in a series of of community service based challenges, which will benefit a number of groups around the community.

The challenges are also structured to help students develop as leaders. The challenges encourage and emphasize the following: Networking, organization, creativity, courteousness, decision making, self-control, respect professionalism, responsibility, communication, cooperation and teamwork. Basically, the concept is to help students help themselves by helping the community.

Each challenge will be structured in such a way that-after each task-there a winning team and a losing team. The members of the winning team will remain in the running to become "The Apprentice: Collinsville" Scholarship Winner. However, the same cannot be said for the losing team. Based on overall performance, one member of the losing team will be "fired," and he or she will no longer be a contestant in "The Apprentice: Collinsville" Scholarship Competition, and-consequently-he or she will no longer be in the running to be the winner of "The Apprentice: Collinsville." Therefore, "The Appentice: Collinsville" will start in August 2010 (with 14 competitors) and end May 2011 (with two competitors).

Once the final two competitors have been determined, there will be a finale event called "The Boardroom." At this event, the final two contestants will compete in their final challenge, a winner will be determined and all scholarships acquired from the entirety of the competition will be distributed. The "Boardroom" Finale Event is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, May 8th, 2011 at 7:00pm.

There are several lucrative opportunities for community partners/sponsors. For more information about these and other sponsorship opportunities, please contact Jed Robbins at (618)-558-3622 or

Community sponsoring will go toward funding the various community involvement challenges, and providing rewards for the winning teams (including the college scholarships for the final two contestants-$2,500 for the winner and $1,000 for the runner-up) and consolation prizes for the eliminated contestants.

Thank you for your consideration,

Jed A. Robbins
731 Bond Ave
Collinsville, 62234

I posted this letter for Jed because I'm a Collinsville resident and I want to do all I can to guide the community's youth away from the mistakes I've made.

I hope local businesses and other entities will contribute to the noble undertaking. I will do all I can.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just thinking

I write this post with a bit of an attitude. I'm angry at myself mostly. I opened the door for miscommunications with people I wish I hadn't because I'm such a flirt. I never would have noticed it if it hadn't been for a big disappointment I suffered by a woman I really do care a hell of a lot about.

Its like this. I believe men have a responsibility to take care of the women in their lives the best way they can. On Facebook the only way I can do that is with sincere advice and compliments. Now, I'm learning some people have taken those flirts and compliments more seriously than they were meant.

I'm angry at myself for being so damn stupid! I went through this before since I've been released.

I guess all the pressure I've been under to do so much so quickly distracted me to the point where I reverted to what I've always done when it comes to women.

With that said, I don't want anyone to think I'm being angry or cold in the future, but from now on I will be very direct, formal and professional. Most of my Facebook friends have never seen this side of me, but I've learned its much better this way.
No one will have excuses to make me look bad. No one will have to worry about whether I'm a web stalker. And, most importantly I won't be tempted to fall for a woman who'll turn around and break my heart.

Always real,
Supaman Tion Terrell

Monday, July 12, 2010

United Coalition of Advocates for Prisoners' Page's Purpose

I've found the need to make my intentions clear.

I'm in the process of creating a nonprofit that will gaurantee support for petitions and finance various forms off activism and protests.

The foundation will support itself. No financial support will be required from the coalition's members. It will be supported through the sale of literature. I'm an award winning author and poet. I have over a half dozen manuscripts ready for publication. Several of which have been soliceted by publishers around the country. I'm also creating an electronic magazine that will feature the writings and artwork of incarcerated persons.

I'm not intersted in individuals groups, nor causes that fight for individuals. I'm only interested in supporting those who are willing to fight for changing the system as a whole. Every prisoner has rights. Everyone on death row needs to have the DP abolished.

The Facebook page was created to serve as a forum for everyone who wants to change the system for everyone of it's victems' benifit. I want every activists to participate in this discussion. All input will be displayed for everyone else to review and respond to. Though some are not comfortable with this arrangement, it is needed for several reasons:

1: We can determine everyone's needs while drafting the above foundation's charter--legal agreement with the US goverment that outlines the foundation's purpose and mode of operations.(This is required by law, and it prevents most forms of fraud and embezzlement.)

2: We can determine as a group how to ensure progress through tactical planning.

3:We can prevent many mistakes incurred by leaders who are prone to make mistakes do to common human imperfections by helping our leaders identify oversights.

4: We will eliminate selfishness, dictatorship, recklessness, and sabotage from this fight for justice for prisoners around the world!

So please, if you are serious about bringing about change in this corrupt system, share your concerns, advice, complaints and insights in the page's discussion.

Most sincerely,
Supaman Tion B. Terrell

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Philosophy

This is a critical juncture.
So I'll penetrate with philosophy like Chinese acupuncture.
My belly's full, but I hunger.
Democracy and hypocrisy are a simily that makes me wonder.
The blacks are betrayed as beasts.
While our founders are historically genicidal thieves.
Today's slaves don't need whips nor chains.
They're controled by the materialism implanted in their brains.
We work for crumbs. The master still gains.
We go home to slums. The fly off in their planes.
We fight in their army to colonize innocents.
They get all the booty. We can't claim a percent.
So go on, brush your shoulders off. Keep your head up.
If you're waiting for their help, you'll never get up.
We've been stagnated since they started smuggling narcotics.
Remember Black Power and the Hippy busybodies?
They induce us to believe in the media.
Then lie to us while calling everybody else evil.
Even in schools they refuse to teach you the truth.
On Thanksgiving they gave Indians more than just food.
They goaded Hitler to incite facism.
They taught Bin Ladin the whole Taliban system.
Then send us to fight the wars they created.
"More bread. More circus." The truth is underated.
It must be stated: the poor class is hated.
We're oppressed no matter what color's on our faces.
You might think some of this is exaggerated.
Just look at the Americans the government has assassinated.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Together Always

Knowing you makes every sound I hear the most beautiful song I ever heard. The sun has never shined so brightly since I've been alive.There is no discomfort, no pain, not one unhappy moment.

I'm a man of conviction. I'm convinced you are the reason God created woman. You complete me in a way that leaves me so whole I'm overstuffed. I need not food nor water. Your love sustains me.

Each time I lick my lips I feel yours. Tastful and sumptuous. When I rest my hand on the arm of my chair, and when my fingers stroke these keys, I feel your touch. Your fingers intertwine with mine. I feel your pulse quicken as I slowly stroke the back of your hand.

How many times have I told you I love you? Can you count them? Multiply that number by the number of stars in the sky on a clear night. Then do it again. Maybe then you'll come close to the number of times I've smiled to myself while thinking of the way you make me feel.

Am I for real? Can I love you so deeply? I wouldn't believe it myself if there weren't tears welling in my eyes. They aren't tears of pain, nor of joy. It is simply warmth that boils at the core of my being. I'm choking on saliva. Drooling from the corner of my mouth.

Everything within me erupts when I dare ponder your existence. I doubt I'm worthy of the good fortune that brought you into my life. No, I don't doubt. I'd flatter myself to believe you were meant for me. Clearly your purpose was to be the gift for the Earth's greatest man.

I'm only Supaman.

You are before your time or maybe after. This world is not worthy of your beauty, your stature, nor your elegance. I pray God will forgive for partaking in the pleasure of his greatest gift.

I've heard talk about Heaven. It seems like a nice place but I'm not sure I want to go. As long as I'm alive and conscious I can have you. I'm afraid it won't be the same in Heaven.

Give me life forever. Torture me while you're at it. Subject me to horrors beyond comprehension if you will. It matters not. As long as I breathe you will be with me. I need nothing more.

Supaman Tion Terrell

Getting Organized

I announced a change of heart regarding the fight with the Death Penalty legislation around the world. Prior to this change of heart, I saw nothing wrong with the Death Penalty (DP.) My response to invites to join the fight was usually along the lines of "If someone did something to my family, I'd kill them myself so the state was doing me a favor."

Then I had a discussion with Bob Wakfer during which I explained that most people who fight the DP do so as an emotional response to having a loved one on death row. I saw no need in joining forces with emotional minded persons. He left me taken aback by pointing out that my response, described above, is also an emotional reaction.

It's hard to leave Supaman at a loss for words, but he did it.

That conversation made me reflect on discourses I had with DP fighters like Angela Grobben, Claire Taylor-Wood, Elaine Tyler, Elish Delaproser, Schimaere Overwhelmed, amongst others via Facebook. I realized I'd been selfish and hardhearted.

I can't state the need for changing these laws any better than they've been stated by people who are much wiser than myself. However, I must state the need for unselfish commitment to this cause. We all should be organized and work together if we're after the same thing. There is strength in numbers.

Having said this, I have to inform you that I'm working on building an organization that can aid others who fight for prisoner's rights and DP legislation. It will be self-supporting. I plan to provide financial aid for activism and ensure global support for petitions. Soon, I will create a page where people can provide input that will be used to draft a Charter for the non-profit corporation.

So, my friends, please start considering how we can best join forces to make monumental progress in the fight we have before us.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

To be Supaman

I was sworn in to the Collinsville Jaycees yesterday. I'm still amazed that my life is moving at the pace at which it is. Not that I don't work for everything that I achieve. It's just overwhelming when I think about it all.

I'm very fortunate to have led the life I've led. Without my trials, I wouldn't have the strength and drive that keeps me going despite the obstacles I've had to overcome.

I spoke with my publisher yesterday. It seems we have worked through our misunderstandings. The release of "The Think Outside the Cell Series" has been postponed to late August or September. That in a way is good news for me. It will give me time to do more promoting and to get more done on my talent show production so that I won't be wrestling with both at the same time.

I'm learning that I can be as successful as I want to be. I came to believe that while I was still in prison, but to pursue it and accomplish it at the pace that I have been gives me a deeper understanding of the profundity of the theory. I feel like I can't be stopped.

I haven't forgotten how easy it is to make enemies. In fact, I'm reminded of this on an almost daily basis. I used to do superintendent work for a property owner. It seemed everyday his ignorant tenants would find a way to associate me with the drama without which they'd have no lives at all. I still fall victim to it even though I havn't worked in three weeks. There are others too, but in all, I've reached the decision to give up on trying to get along with people who aren't worth the effort.

The truth is, nobody in the history of man has been able to please everyone. Not even Jesus Christ!

It still bothers me though. I think I'm a nice guy. I'm sincere. I'm learning more each day to deal with adversity in more productive ways than I did in the past. That's been hard considering I once prided myself on being very effective at retaliation (particularly violence.)

Which reminds me, Lately there have been a few situations that have upset me. It seems people are quick to make excuses for my offenders. However, when I so much as hint at my potential for losing my temper--which is the offendings party's excuse-- I'm told I don't have that right. I'm left asking myself, "Am I more than human? Am I supposed to be perfect?"

Well, if I'm expected to be so much better than the other person, then why isn't that person expected to treat me with proper reverence. Sounds foolish, I know. But, no more ridiculous than others sound when they tell me to suck it up and live with suspicions and prejudices I'm subjected to without any provocation on my part.

But still, I can live with the negativity as long as I stay focused on my progress. I don't want to be that man who lives by instilling fear in others. I'd rather be respected for my intelligence and tenacity. If others are too silly, or naive, to appreciate the man I've become it's their loss, not mine.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Swollen Heart

I woke up at 3am with the overpowering feeling of love eating away at me. I laid still and wallowed in it for a while. The only taint on these overpowering emotions was fear that I might be very tired tomorrow. I have some important meetings to attend.

I wonder how many of you are familiar with the song "For Me It's You." I'm tempted to share the lyrics, but It would take up to much of this post. It's a song by a band named Train. I borrowed the CD from my best friend. I went to sleep with that song on repeat because everyone in my house snores and I wanted to drown them out.


I'm a changed man. Not because of the song. I just know this song is symbolic of what I've been feeling lately. For a long time, I've been riding the fence on a lot of things. Religion, love, and the Death Penalty crisis, to name a few.

Things are different now. As far as religion goes, I know I'm a Christian now. I don't say this because I believe all the preaching I hear, nor do I buy all the foolishness I've read over the years. I can be a proud Christian because I now follow the greatest teachings ever attributed to Jesus. I love people JUST BECAUSE. Now, of course there are some I love more than others. But, for the first time in life I love with a complete understanding that everyone is okay JUST BECAUSE.

I don't know where this unconditional love came from, but I will embrace it. I now understand why some people like my friends Debbie, Mike, and Jerie, amongst others, can open their hearts to people I once felt were unworthy, untrustworthy and insignificant. I can forgive the people I've been offended and betrayed by. I even want to thank them all for the roles they played in my growth.

Without that pain and anger I felt towards those who hurt me--and still intend to--I couldn't appreciate the joy and relief that brings tears to my eyes as I write this.

I guess this brings me to the change of heart I've had regarding the Death Penalty. I mean almost everyone claims to believe in God. We claim to believe in forgiveness. Yet, we stand by and cheer when the government kills people.(Some of us anyway) We want forgiveness for our transgressions, but we don't give it to others. That's not the way things should work.

I could use any scripture you can name to show you that such hypocrisy is pure evil. ANY SCRIPTURE! The amazing thing is that we claim our laws are based on the scriptures.

Even you agnostics out there are hypocrites in the same way. I'd bet my healthy left arm against a bag of stale air that if your child sat on death row you'd want leniency for them.

So, how can you sit back and support such insane legislation?

I guess I've said enough for now. There are many people I could thank for helping me grow into the man I am. I tried to name the most important in my last post, but I failed miserably. I left off too many of you. I won't try again for fear of letting some people down who feel they should be named but are not.

If you feel you are one of the people I should be grateful to, then I promise you I am. Those of you who hate my guts, I love you too.

There is one person in particular this especially applies to. I won't name you because you know who you are. Yeah, I love you. I'm sorry you chose to believe things your imagination cooks up. I beg your forgiveness for not being wise enough to avoid being the focus of so much anger.

Always real;

Supaman Tion Terrell

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Independence

Technically speaking, today has been one of cleaning. It started with Facebook. I created a new page for my church. Also, I've created a new page for a charity organization that operates from my church. I spent most of the day correcting mistakes from those pages and editing Facebook. I removed myself from causes and groups that I don't have time to support fully. And, I joined a new group.

Up until now, I avoided the causes related to the death penalty. I stopped doing that today. My friend Angela Grobben helped me to see the need for fighting against the death penalty. Innocent people get murdered by the government. A government that chooses to kill people to teach people that killing is wrong. Of course, I've learned to expect such hypocrisy from the government.

It's funny how time and experience forces us to grow. The few friends that I have in this world are people I'm very grateful for. They force me to grow, change, and see myself for who I really am. They are even patient with my faults. Yet, they don't enable me. I can't ask for anything more.

I've written about the task I've taken on concerning my church and my community. The talent show I'm producing is coming along well. The pages I've built, "First United Presbyterian Church" and "Collinsville Area Ministerial Association (CAMA), look really good. I'm proud of them. The group I joined "Our Friends in Prison" has its work cut out for it. But, my being the tenacious man I am will do my best to accelerate its progress. I'll be adding essays to the website periodically.

What can I say? I am Supaman after all.

I have duties to my household, my community, and society as a whole. Today, I figured out how to fulfill my obligations to all three. I'll even be joining the Collinsville Jaycees next week.

I'm thankful for all the support, advice, guidance and encouragement that has pushed me to this point.

I love you my friends. Now, I ask that you continue to be here for me, and that you try to keep up as I run full speed ahead just as I have since they let me out of the hell they call prison.

Special thanks to Debbie Nichols, Steve and Jerie Artz, Michael Watkins, Jed Robbins, Wil Maosa, Angela Grobben, Alexandra Alexander-Schroder, Inoxa Datura, Alex Dow, Linda Kunz, Bernie and Jo Kunz, Clare Allington, Sheila Rule, Jeff Wavruneck, Suzanne Johnson, Allyson Burr, Sarah Ross, Alan Bogovich, Crystal, Sharron and Josh Titsworth and many others.

I love you all.

Always real;

Supaman Tion B. Terrell

Friday, July 2, 2010

Prisoner's Voice

Tonight, I'm going to share with you a letter sent to me by a prisoner who won a scholarship but was told we had to be placed on a waiting list because the scholarship fund was low on money. He came up with a brilliant idea. He wanted to seek funds from corporations on behalf of the charity foundation so that the foundation can have the money to fulfill his and other scholarships. I will be forwarding this letter to corporate heads on his behalf.

To: Chief Executive Officer

I am writing on behalf of myself and other inmates throughout the United States who are striving to make positive changes in their lives. The citizens of this great nation are tired of criminals destroying their communities, and as a result all the laws are designed to incarcerate one and not to rehabilitate.

The Prison Scholar Fund is a nonprofit organization that gives grants through a selective process to inmates who will be released into society and are seeking a degree, or other types of higher learning. The Prison Scholar Fund is tax deductible under IRS code 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization.

As a result of the current economic downturn, they are grossly underfunded. I speak for many incarcerated persons when I say that the grants awarded by the Prison Scholar Fund are our last, or only, option to pursue a higher education, which will allow us to take one step closer to becoming capable contributing members of society.

As such, I'm asking for your and your company's support. Any contributions, no matter how small, will help. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated.

For more information you can log on to ( or (

Thank you for your much appreciated time and consideration.


Domain Reeves
. . .

This is a prisoner's voice I hope many will rally behind. Though the letter goes out to corporate heads, anyone can contribute to this fund. Its a great cause. I've interacted with Dirk myself. I hope you all will look into the organization for yourselves.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Humpday Entertainment Presents: Tynisha Wilkinson

Today, I'm proud to present some poetry from Tynisha Wilkinson a 17 year old young woman from East St. Louis IL.

There's No Other Like Her

She has a love for me that is inevitable.
She heeds to what I have to say even if I am a little chatty.
She was the only one who didn't abandon me in my time of need.
There's No Other Like Her.

She never condemned me no matter what I did, right or wrong.
She never tried to harm me in any way or compelled me against my will to something.
She always congratulated me and never once despised me.
There's No Other Like Her

She always told me the truth, She has never once lied to me.
She is an astonishing, considerate and a submissive young lady.
She is me.
And There Is No Other Like Her!!!!!
. . .

Where I Come From

Where I come from you have good and you also have bad. Where I come from you see moms working hard to pay bills and work harder for the needs of their children.
Where I come from you see moms running the streets and forget they even have children.

Where I come from you see dads who work hard to fulfill there daily duties. Where I come from you have dads who run the streets not taking or forgetting who they children are.

See Where I come from you have children who want to make something of their lives and give back to their community. Where I come from you have, children who run the streets throwing their lives away and destroying their community.

Where I come from you have grandparents who take care of the needs of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Where I come from you have those grandparents who run the streets like immature adults.

Where I come from it is no different from where you are. Where I come from you have the lawyers, singers, doctors, athletes and other professions. Where I come from you you also have drug addicts,drug dealers, prostitute and street runners.

Where I come from is a place called East St. Louis. Where you come from is no different.
. . .

I Have

I have given
my life for you
to be free.
I have lost
my friends and family
for you to
have an opportunity.
I Have!

I have earned
the respect of being
a black King/Queen.
I have told them
that you will
carry on our legacy.
I Have!

So when I hear you say the word that is ignorant to me. The word I thought would be erased from African-American History. The word I refuse to be called, but you constantly say. The word Nigga. Please this isn't you this isn't me, so lets erase this word from African-American History.

I have given
my life for you
to be free.
I have lost
my friends and family
for you to
have an opportunity.
I Have!

I have worked
my fingers to the bone
in the cotton field.
I have been beaten.
I have been lynched.
I have prayed, "God Please
Help Me!!!!!"
I Have!

So when I see you fight each other and not think twice. When I see the things of these communities, communities of liars, thieves, drug dealers and gang members. I see you have forgotten our History!!!!

I have given
my life for you
to be free.
I have lost
my friends and family
for you to
have an opportunity.
I Have!

I have walked
the Million Man March.
I have crossed
the underground railroad.
I had to sit in the back
of the bus.
I Have!

I have given
my life for you
to be free.
I have lost
my friends and family
for you to
have an opportunity.
I Have!

So let's carry
on our legacy
Let's become
Because I have
given my life for
you to be free.
Because I have
lost my friends
and family for
you to have an
I Have!

Those who have died to change our History!!!!

. . .

Love is my Strength

He walked off quietly into the night.
Head down, empty inside.
Were it not for love, he could not go on.
Friends aren't friends.
Intigrity doubted.
Were it not for love, he could not go on.
Standing virtually alone.
Faith in others has broken his heart.
Were it not for love, he could not go on.