Friday, April 2, 2010

Love Thoroughly

Today, I want to talk about the way I feel a man should love a woman. I've made it plain in previous writings that loving is an activity. We are going to discuss some examples of those activities.
First, lets begin with the morning. Show her you love her with some tenderness and affection. This doesn't have to lead to sexual activity. In fact, it shouldn't unless she indicates that's what she wants to do. Go into this intimate experience with the mindset that you only want to please her. If the woman wants more complete satisfaction once things get going, please her by all means without intercourse if possible.
The mission here is to show her you are dedicated to her pleasure and satisfaction.
Tell her how you feel in a way that's creative and thought provoking. Everyone is not a poet, I understand, but you know your woman well enough to know which words to use to stimulate her. At least you should.
I'm going to do you all a favor and share a little something of my own. You can use it if you want as long as you don't distribute it for profit.
I WILL sue for copyright infringement. LOL
Throughout the day, remind her that she is special and that you appreciate the little things. Isn't it heart warming when her eyes give you that special smile? Isn't it cool when you stare so deeply into her eyes you see your reflection? What about the sounds she makes when realizes she just came up with something clever? Isn't there at least one dish she makes that you like so much no one else can make the same food taste the way she does? Well tell her about it.
Even if that one dish is the only thing you feel she can cook.
Here's that piece. Feel free to use it to get some brown nose points, fellas.

Morning Thoughts of You

The morn is young my love. I'm thrilled at this new opportunity to learn more about you, and to partake of the beauty God has bestowed in you. I've found joy in your person, worthiness in your love, and strength in your faith in me.
Behold, my love! Take note of the sun as it sets on the quiet eve. Without question, you expect it to return to bring the dawn. Just as you believe air will saturate your lungs when you next inhale. Be assured the same unshakable faith can be placed in my love for you.
For, as the sun giveth light and warmth by God's decree, and the waters of the Earth and Heavens sustain all life, the displays of my undying love shall nourish your soul and fill your existence with comforts and pleasures wherein you shall find bliss.
Does not true love desire only joy and peace for its subject? Did not the wise King Solomon state, "A desire accomplished is sweet to the soul?"
How then could I not, as a man who loves you with indescribable vigor, approach the grave that awaits me engrossed in anything other than striving to be the manifestation of all that your heart desires?
Life's nor time's anomalies shan't coerce our love, our commitment, nor our joys. The intricacies of this foul world are insignificant pesterings--like ripples in a placid lake, caused by a small stone, while being viewed from a distant hilltop-- mounted against a bond as strong as ours.
I dare anyone to refute my claims. The mere utterance of such a blasphemous retort will only brand one: a fool. No one can know the emotions that stew in my breast, that hold my heart in a vice so perfectly it climaxes with each beat.
The doubters and disbelievers are none of my concern, for I'm too preoccupied with longing to express my love for you. To strive to persuade those who comprehend not the virtues of love and devotion for the godly attributes they are should prove aught, since misery seeks not salvation but companionship in loathsome mustering therin.
Stand guard my beloved. Though I'm here to protect you from predators and miscreants, seen and clandestine, I am incapable of effecting combat between yourself and your insecurities. That is unless you empower me to aid you by divulging the exact nature of your apprehension.
The foundation of our mutuality must be uninhibited self-disclosure. Love manifested in true form is marked by rational behavior reciprocal with more loving. Thus we build upon and strengthen ourselves and one another.
My love, you are a rare find. You have proven your capabilities to feel, embrace, and DO love. Thus, I need not seek another.
I am forever yours.

Always real;

Supaman Tion Terrell

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