Monday, January 21, 2013

Pleasure Principle #1

I miss the night though it just passed.
It's hard to concentrate.
My thoughts wander to the pleasures you've given me.
There are too many to name.
What amazes me most is the pain you've endured for the sake of pleasure.
My pleasure!
It could be worse.
At least I'm no minute man.

How many times have we collapsed then waited to catch our breath before rolling into each others arms?

How many mornings have we awakened to start all over again?

I know its mean but I love making you fight yourself.

Fight me.

"Stop," you say.

"Are you sure?" I ask tenderly as I touch your weakness.

I never could tell what your response is to that. I just smile to myself as I drive you to a new height in ecstasy.

It is my duty as your lover to encourage you to allow me to show you all the pleasures that loving can provide.

I'm just thanking you for motivating me to do my job.

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