Monday, April 4, 2011

Romantic Monday: The Things You Do

I know not where I should begin.
For from the beginning your love has been given abundantly without end.

Your smile stole my heart, understanding and respect lured me in.
After our first hug I new we'd never be the same again.

I looked into your soul and saw a neglected needy spirit.
When I told you that, you didn't want to here it.

Unknowingly I bared my soul before you against my will.
You embraced it, cherished it, and you continue to do so still.

Remember how nervous you were before our first kiss in the tool shed?
As old as we are, we were so afraid we both almost fled.

And then we took a trip on the Train.
I knew them we would never be the same.

We consumated our love in haste.  Christening a special place.
I will never forget the joy I found when we were done and I saw the contented smile on your face.

Since then lover you have blown me away over and over to my surprise.
I've found as much pleasure in your mouth as I do between your thighs.

Never have I needed you and you not done your best to be there for me.
Despite my foolishness and ignorance you still show that you adore me.

Yes Lover, all I need in this life is you.
I will do all I can to be everything you need too.

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