Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Humpday Entertainment: Valentine's Edition

A day designated to honor love intrigues me.
SO it grieves me to see so many atrocities, and hypocrisies committed in loves name.
As if loves a game.
Its a shame so many could be so lame.
Taking loves name in vain for pleasure and gain.
Bringing others pain.
Making it hard for them to love again.

Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone!
I've made fool of love.
I stand not alone.
For I lived a lifetime with a heart that had no home.
It was stone.
Feeling alone I was like a dog trying to bury my bone.

Now because of love I've grown.
Time has shown that love, when it's full blown,
will take you higher than any satellites have ever flown.

I beseech you all to find love and hold on tight.
Love with your deeds and it will be enough to get the through the hardest times of your life.
The pain will still be real, and their will still be times when nothings seems to go right.
Yet, if you hold on to love, when times are their darkest, you shall have light.

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