Monday, April 1, 2013

Eternal Lover

I'm only a man.
Please forgive me.
Try as I might, for as long as I may live, I'll never be able to love you the way you deserve.

We are from different worlds.
I lack home training.
Never had a role model.
Don't believe in much other than the money in my pocket and the might of my fists.
Lived a life full of shame.
Lied to myself about it for so long I don't remember what the truth is.

Yet, here you are.
Loving me since day 1.
Comforted pains.
Wiped away tears.
Showed my that heaven is real.

I look and you and cry tears of joy and pity.
You must be in a bad place in life to love a fool like me the way you do.
I want to be Mr. Right.
Make you smile every waking moment.
Give you all the joys your presence in my life has given me.

I'll never be able to.
I'm assuming you know that.
What I will do is never make another promise.
You will know I love you.


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