Monday, February 7, 2011

Romantic Monday Art. 8: On Behalf of Incarcerated Fathers

My Lover how are you? I need to address my confinement.
The Judge gave me a lot of time on consignment.
I know it's hard for you. You're all alone while I'm locked up.
I wish I'd thought about this while I tried to sew the block up.
Well all the fun and games have come to an end.
I had a good run, but now I rot in the pen.
If I could do it all again, I'd be still free.
I'd work, have dinner, make love then go to sleep.
When I did have freedom I couldn't see so clearly.
I was greedy. I've sacrificed everything dear to me.
My peers in here share the same regrets.
Though must of them pretend there is no heart in their chests.
I know it's hard out there, but it hard in here too.
I'm in a cage like an animal with my mind on you.
Worried that my kids are calling someone else Dad.
Knowing another man is getting the loving I had.
I'm going mad. I'm thinking about the things we had.
Wishing I choose a better path but that's all in the past.
Presently, a pen pal is all that I can be.
I'm too far away for a visit. I feel like mail the way they ship me.
Feeling guilty. It's like I'm less than a man.
My family needs me, but I'm not there to lend a hand.
What's worse is that I need you more than you need my.
Without loving family we lose our sanity.
None of us have friends in here.
We're dying on the inside and forced to hide our tears.
It's each of us against the rest in a hell with cells.
A whole lot of angry man with horror stories to tell.
Some believe we have it made with three hots and a cot.
For some it might be true but for most it's not.
I know it breaks my heart to be stuck in this spot.
I know you all are living life while I can't play a part.
And the world is expecting me to be a deadbeat.
Roam the streets, pocket pharmacy, until I'm back in the penitentiary.
I sit here like, Damn! Y'all don't understand.
This is bad enough to make me wanna be better man.
I've made me over, come up with a better plan.
It ain't over, I hope to catch a better hand.
I've fallen behind, now I have to have to do some catching up.
When I'm down, I need someone to help me up.
Accept a call. Write me to say, "What's up?"
After all you did promise to stay in touch.
I need to hear my kids say, "Daddy, I love you."
For you to read them my letters so they'll know I'm thinking of them.
I have to ask. My kids need to know I'm their dad.
I'm stuck with a pen and a pad to express the love I have.
If your boyfriend can't accept it, that's just too bad.
Make sure he knows what his place is before we cross paths.

Always real;

Supaman Tion Terrell

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  1. Damn thats real talk right there...I love it..I bet more than anything thats how my bae feels about me an his daughter. He expresses it but not in those exact words..:(