Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekly Reflections

It's been a busy week for me. I am working on a major marketing endeavor right now as well as trying to get books into prisons that can help inmates improve themselves.

I'm not complaining! At least I have work.

I work a lot with Legacy Books and Cafe now. In fact, I had a big slice of humble pie there last night. I was up against poets that blew me away. I was disappointed with the defeat, but it was an opportunity to learn how I can be a better poet.

There is a YouTube video of some of the performances. Mine isn't worthy of inclusion here. To see it click this link:

I have events to plan including 2 tours. I'm excited about that. The thing I'm most excited about though is a future with my love. A future when I can provide for her as I feel a man should. When bills will not be a worry.  When she can spend much time in leisure as I lay the world at her feet.

This goal is what keeps me going when I have failures. When I'm reminded that there are people in this world who enjoy antagonizing me just because. I'm still amazed by the stupidity of some people. I wonder how long they believe I will tolerate it? It's kind of funny actually. I get disrespected while my offenders hide behind the law. Or they think they can. It's as if they believe I'm not capable of exacting retribution or something. I'm the bad guy, but I get attacked and slandered by so-called good people because I address truths they wish they could ignore.

We had a saying in the rural area I grew up in; "There is more than one way to skin a cat."

People often worn me about saying such things because they can be interpreted as threats. They are right, but I don't make threats. I know me. I know what I'm capable of, but it seems the haters don't. I'm just making people aware that everyone is subject to consequences for their actions.

If I resorted to my old ways I could be subjected to the law right? The same applies to those who hide behind their friends, status, and reputations. They are not exempt from kharma, the law, nor my wrath.

So no, I'm not threatening anyone. I'm simply accepting the war that was brought to me instead of taking the high road which leaves subject to getting kicked around by cowards. The thing they don't understand is I have great prowess at various tactics. Tactics I know they aren't prepared to deal with.

But enough of that. The highlight of my week was a night of shooting pool with beautiful company. I wonder if any of you have ever been on a date with someone that was so beautiful to you that you felt proud just to be seen with them. Holding hands is just as good as sex. The lightest kiss is an orgasm all in itself. I have times like these.


Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

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