Thursday, February 10, 2011

Addressing the Prison Education Crisis

It's been hard to establish this organization as one that strategically approaches any particular agenda, despite the self ascribed dedication of our fellow Internet/Facebook activists, because when projects have been put on the table there is little to no participation.

Our goals are simple. We don't need to concern ouselves with financing our activities because my relationship with Resilience Multimedia and my writing does that. The problem we have is establishing a plan of action in the first place.

The majority of the participation I get for this organization is requests for money. No real explanation of what the money will do once we give grants has ever been submitted.

We will be hosting a group chat session at the end of this month to discuss an approach to seeking improvements to the prison education system. We want prisoners to have oppurtunities to prepare for better lives than the ones they lived before their incarceration. This will be a slow and demanding task. Our efforts may not always earn us the desired results, but we must make it possible for misguided and miseducated inmates learn something more than more antisocial behavior and more devious criminal activity from their peers.

We must change all the detrimental facets of the criminal justice system if we are to reduce crime and recidivism. As it now stands, the criminal justice system is bleeding our society's already struggling economy. What kind of future is there for a society that spends more money on incarcerating it's citizens than it does educating it's youth?

At this time all we ask is that anyone who is interested in sharing ideas about this stuggle give us a time that would be most ideal for you to share your ideas via group chat.
List the time periods you prefer in your comment on this post, or wherever you will find this invitation. Only submit one list of preferred time periods please.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

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