Monday, February 28, 2011

Romantic Monday: Hunger

How I long to make love to thee, my sweet lover. Never a moment passes that I do not feel a stirring in my loins due to lustful thoughts of you. Perhaps I am little more than a man possessed by your sensuous expertise.

There are such joys to be endured at the mercy of thine sweet mouth. Words spew forth from elegant lips, across an aggressive tongue, to expand my heart's capacity for love and admiration toward you. The blood flow increases with each accelerated beat causing swelling in my most sensitive extremity.

I must touch you, caress you, hold you. My lips must know the pleasures of your kisses.

Our contact causes you to breathe heavily. The rising of your chest beckons me. I lower my full lips to ravish them. Sucking, nibbling, gnawing ever so gently.

The smell and feel of your sweet breath invigorates me. My hands explore your soft flesh until one of them locates the moist crevice between your luscious thighs. Then it tickles, fondles, strokes, delves and delights.

Now jealous, my mouth makes a path down your body leaving behind a trail of soft bites and nibbles until it is greeted with the nectar produced by the labor of my wriggling fingers. Ardently my mouth ravages until it has had its fill of juices.

Then my mouth follows it's trail back to your waiting lips. My enlarged anatomy  seeks out the soft, wet warm, canal of Ecstasy that awaits it. The first pierce is shallow. Each following insertion is slightly deeper than the last as I bathe in the exotic sensations of moisture and enveloping heat.

I have no clue as to why I can focus on little else once thoughts of your appeal cross my mind. I care not that I am plagued by such visions. All I know is that I crave you and no other. For, no one has ever pleasured me as you have on many occasions.  

Supaman Tion Terrell

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