Monday, February 14, 2011

Romantic Monday Art. 9: An Offer

The best of my days are always those whereupon I awake with sweet thoughts of you plaguing my consciousness. I have never really paid attention before, but this morning I learned that it is true.

When we have problems my world doesn't rotate on it's axis quite the same. The sun never shines as bright. Not even the air I breath tastes the same.

I know it can't be easy loving a man who is constantly fighting an uphill battle. I am also aware that only love can keep you by my side though all this.

What I can't figure out is why you love me the way you do. You have explained to me that I understand you in a way that no other man ever has. I get that. However, I can't imagine why another man who has had the opportunity to love you and be loved by you would neglect the slightest of your needs.

There is nothing I love more than making you smile. No. That is a lie. I definitely like making you scream a whole lot more. I like talking about nothing just because it is on your mind. I like hearing you sing along with the artist on the radio. I even like it when you tease me for not knowing the words.

The way you love me often makes me feel awkward. I sometimes feel unworthy. I sometimes wish I were a better man for you. I can't accept man made religion, but I know there must be a God because you are my personal gift from powers beyond my comprehension.

The things you do to me show me that heaven is real. I find evidence of if when you grasp my hand. When your lips pleasure me in so many ways. Then too, there is the warm, moist, soft, place of ecstasy between your sexy thighs!

Damn! I'm a very fortunate man!

I have trouble figuring out what to do with myself when I think of you. You are truly the only thing that matters to me. I am an ambitious man, but I would give up all my dreams if I were able to better provide for you as things now stand.

Since this isn't so, I will work hard to improve my stature. I will work myself to the grave in order to share the finer things in life with you.

Through this missive I propose marriage and joy ever after.


  1. Absolutely Beautiful !!!!!!!! Your Your Valentine is definitely a very lucky woman!!! Happy Hearts Day 2 Both of You!!!

  2. My hearts breaks knowing your loyality lay with another. May you find what I have found in you. Yes I feel my heart pain when you speak of another, sharing sweet whispers and touches. Why can it be me I ask as I watch from afar. Knowing what love lives like, seeing with my heart not my eyes. Hearing your voice piercing my ears emptying my soul unto you. This too shall pass away and my life will never be the same. You hold my heart in your hands for which I feel as grains of sand, I try to linger but I am going to quickly. My fear today is you may not miss me. Let me be always a corner in your heart, not a half or a whole but the piece that fills that hole.