Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back to Work

I was a feature poet at the St. Louis Poetry Slam last night as a result of winning the competition last month. I was humbled greatly by the poets who were there. There eloquence and deliveries showed me how much I had to learn. As I write this, the video footage is being uploaded to my harddrive so I can put more YouTube footage together. I'll post a link here when it is ready.

I've been working at Domino's for more than a week now. It's the type of work I'm used to, but the menu has expanded greatly. I eat too much now as a result. The pizzas are actually good now. My favorite is the Barbeque Chicken Pizza. It's amazing.

I'm being trained  for management and I will be doing a lot of maintenance  too. This on top of working as Property Manager for Ken Quinlan Properties. Also I broker home and auto insurance.

 If you want cheeper rates call me. (618) 741-7510.

Oh, and I help my friends at Johnny's Sidebar by doing some PR stuff for them when I can. And, lets not forget the community events I organize and promote.

A friend Joanne Rinaldo who is in the Jaycees asked if I was taking on too much. I told her that if I endured ten years of prison I can sacrifice a year or two to do some hard work to put my life back together. And, speaking of friends's concerns, someone asked me last night if I was a drama magnet. I thought that was funny. I've had my share of situations. That's for sure. most of them I created.

However, I handle my problems!  One way or another I find a way to get though the bull. God gave me too much intellect to do anything other than eliminate problems. No matter how it must be done!

I feel good about my life now. I will continue to strive towards my goals. I want a good life for myself and those who share it with me. I want to be an example of what a man who has seen troubles like mine can be. I know I will be a success because I have been one thus far despite all.

My next big step is the start up of the United Coalition of Advocates for Prisoners. It should be up and running by the first of the year 2011.  I have a pretty good idea of which actist groups I will support around the world and how the organization will do it's part to slow the growth of the criminal institution here in America.

With that said, I can close. I thank my friends for their continued love and support. I thank my enemies for sharpening my skills and reminding that I must always be at my best.

Alway's real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

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  1. Congratulations all your achievments and accomplishments, It does the soul good to see a man come up from where he was, doing well and knowing he can and will go higher! Keep up the GREAT work :)