Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Cute Face

I've seen a face that forced warmth to consume me against it's will. The warmth resists because it knows it will have a treacherous battle to fight with the coldness.

Coldness that seeped into my marrow during ten years of of hell constructed from concrete, steel, hate, and greed.

Satan's demons were redneck, tobacco chewing, good old boys who only respected me because I knew how to feign insanity.

But ooh! Your face makes me better. A reminder of all that is good in this world. Delight like that which people pray to find in Heaven.

I stare just so I can witness the optical illusions that occur when the shadows are graced with the chance to inspire bliss each time your head moves and the elegant contures dance in the light.

I could lose myself in you. I mean really lose myself. Life a shipwrecked parapalegic with no arms in the middle of the ocean with no sense of direction.

You smile when you catch me just to see my reaction. I lust for you, but I don't want sex. At least not right now. Each glimpse I get of you beholds it's own gratification. You are stimulation. Instant rejuvination. Possible hyperventilation.

I'm so lost in you I sound like Jessie Jackson. Mick Jagger can shut up now. I found satisfaction.

You make me as hard as a femer. I'm burning with fever. I didn't know a face could do so much, but now I'm a believer.

If I should die...  before I wake... I pray that I will not forget your face.

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