Thursday, October 14, 2010


The Link above will take you to an episode of "Boondocks." I know some of you are busy, so I will summarize the episode. By way of disclaimer I state, for the record, I am not affiliated with the site the above link will take you too. I'm not an advertiser. I don't even know who hosts the site.

The grandfather of two children (voiced by John Witherspoon)  is asked to go into business with a property owner. The businessman encourages Grandpa to serve soul food that is as addictive as it is destructive to the body. As the deal is made, the business man explains he owns all the property in the area except for the park across the street from the restaurant, for which the state was asking a price he refused to pay.

In a matter of months the middle class community is turned into a ghetto where the emergency response personnel don't respond to 911 calls. The property value has been driven down drastically.

The restaurant is closed after a once, and now again, attractive woman  begins recovery from morbid obesity and addiction to soul food, and sues the businessman. The narrator explains that several lawsuits are filed. The businessman is surprisingly nonchalant about the legalities.

You figure out why just before the last scene. The businesses across the street from the park are boarded closed. The business man stands before the closed restaurant smiling as he looks across the street at the construction going on in what had been the park.

It amazes me that so intelligent a show was even shown on Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim." Where I first saw the show via DVR. The cartoon depicted regentrification--the practice of driving down property value down then buying all the property--not a dictionary definition but an underlying truth in America. 

Think a little deeper and comment on what you come up with.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

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