Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Reesy Floyd Thompson

Yesterday I asserted my opinion on a conflict between two women. Many who have read this accuse me of slandering Mrs Floyd Thompson.

I don't understand how I slandered anyone by quoting things that were stated by the parties involved. I don't understand how illuminating the middle ground between two opposing points of view makes me a bad person.

I must assume those who were angered by my point of view are not aware of The United Coalition of Advocates for Prisoners. They can't know that I work almost around the clock to build an organization that will provide funding for people like Mrs Thompson to make the most of her opportunities as a woman who tries to do much for victims of the criminal justice system and for those persons who love them..

And yes, as far as I'm concerned, the women who are victimized by the con men in prison that have not been provided the opportunity to rehabilitate are also victims of this system. Yet, this doesn't mean that every woman who loves an incarcerated man is a victim.

I stated this already.

I have to take some responsibility for my being misunderstood. I had no stake in the controversy other than being an objective observer who wanted to point out important truths that were being ignored by the parties I quoted. I could have done a better job of making that point.

Mrs Thompson and I discussed this matter today. She shared details that were not stated by Tempest Bourke. I thought they were interesting and should be put before the same audience that has witnessed the rest of the drama on the web. She did not respond to that suggestion however. Since I have not seen where she has posted them publicly, I'm not going to share them without her consent.

I thank you all for your honest comments regarding yesterday's post. They were all posted. You all deserve that much respect.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell


  1. Drama cannot be discussed, corrected,or acknowledged as valuable information.I feel, as if this post and yesterday's post does not do any justice for to awareness, in fact it gives many the notion that women are with prisoners, because they lack self esteem, and they are to naive to make good choices.Not every criminal that enters the prison sentence are uneducated, and lazy, conning individials.There happen to be many educated, talented, and loving people serving a prison term whom made bad choices. No one is perfect, and being an ex con does not make you an expert on the prison system or serve as a voice for the men who have served a sentence. I know individuals whom have did far more time then you, and whom do not share the same views. We will agree to disgree, and you are entitled to your opinion, but I leave you with this, being a prisoner's wife/girlfriend, is no easy job for anyone, and yes most of us our college graduates, parents, and productive individuals whom happen to love a prisoner. Most of us have been given the opportunity to walk away, but we are here ,because we chose to be. There are plenty of man whom are not incarcerated and choose to use, abuse, and mistreat women. The only difference with an incarcerated man , and one whom is not that is using a woman, is that one is serving a prison term. I have read your blog, and I always read before I respond, and I also read the comments on your page from others, and they spoke in regards to prison wives as if the are beneath them, and low class individuals on welfare, and with low self-esteem. What is the message behingd that? You can make a point without belittling the next woman or man, especially knowing that many of the women who commented have no clear understanding what its like to love someone whom is serving a sentence. A sentence does not define the man in a whole unless he keep making the same mistakes. Thank You.

  2. The above comment is excellent!! I wholly agree, I know Tion is only putting a view across and not being offensive, but there are lots of "analysists" out there who appear to be offended if a woman may decide to give financial assistance to a male convict-why?? why does it matter to you? how do you accurately define these women who you have never met? you must have some super mind reading powers. I don't get it at all! Great blog as usual Tion!!!

  3. Seem to be some truth in the Controversey involving Reesy Thompson, apparently she does delet anone whom does not agree with her way of seeing things, and can be quite judgemental at times. I seen a post on her fitness page of some woman fussing at her for deleting her for a difference in opinion. Makes me wonder if she is really being truthful with her followers about whom she really is.How can she serve a purpose and be an advocate while making others feel inferior to her. I guess its another person abusing their position. I am truly disappointed.