Monday, October 15, 2012


Did you ever wake up feeling exited because you knew soon the sun would rise and you will look over and enjoy gazing upon the face of someone with whom you share a love that has made life worth living.

Every pricked finger, paper cut, bloody nose, black eye, disappointment, hangover, heartbreak, not to mention defeat, rejection, and a few unmentionables. Their love makes it all worth it. 

For some this person is a parent, child, sibling or other close relative.  For others it may be a best friend, God, or a lover, a pet even. For some people all of these things can be the same person. It might even be something inanimate like money. That’s your business.

I just wanted to remind everyone to remember to do something nice for whoever, or whatever, it may be. You may have more than one. Please them all, if they are a presence in your life or in your heart that gives joy the kind of joy I felt when I awoke, I beg you to show appreciation in your actions for a significant portion of the day if you can.

Pray, text, call buy of gift, treat them to lunch, write a letter, play a song, Make unselfish love to them. Do them all at the same time if you find it at all possible. 

Just be sure you are a source of joy for them just as they are for you.




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