Monday, October 8, 2012

Romantic Monday: A Love Letter

I just had one of those moments where I wanted to complain about my life. I wanted to revel in self-pity for a while. All things considered, I actually think I'd be justified.

However, I thought about us. I could feel you lying next to me in pail light that fills the room. It missed the whole mood up I was getting ready for.

Right now I'm thinking about the lovemaking marathons we have endured. It always feels so right when our bodies are connected. It's hard to explain the sense of peace that comes when I lose myself in the sensations of your warmth enveloping me. Oh God, what about when it gets intense and we start crushing each other in the need for more of one another. And the pillow talk that follows while we wait to recoup our strength and  start all over again.

But there is so much more to us than sex. I know you think that is all I really care about. Truth is I love you in ways I can't make sense of in words. You have reached parts of my being that I did not know were there.

You give me a reason to keep my head up when I know I'm defeated. You are my reason to be proud when all else is lost.

I'm laughing out loud right now because you give me laughter when there is no hope. In you, I find joy when all of my life is pain. And, even after you have plucked my last nerve and I'm mad enough to cuss, I can't help craving you.

Yeah, I have it pretty good as long as I have you. I have joy as long as I live because I have known you.

I love you!

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