Sunday, June 6, 2010

Is Love Ever Wasted

A friend asked the question that became the title of this post.

Her story is a common one. A woman who fell in love with a prisoner and has turned his predicament into a cause to which she dedicates much time and energy. It's quite honorable as well as romantic. However the prisoner is not willing to dedicate himself to her.

At least this particular man is up front about his feelings and true intentions concerning my friend. There are plenty of people who dedicate themselves to partners who aren't dedicated to them in return. These sincere people are having games played on them.

Which reminds me. Despite my efforts to shed light on the need for criminal justice reform, I don't join any Free So and So campaigns because I know nothing of the subjects. I can't afford to invest my credibility in a stranger. If I'm deceived, I would be an accomplice to my deceiver in deceiving all my friends. I can't risk us all that way.

To proceed. Love is never wasted. It inspires growth and goodwill toward others. That's something nothing else can guarantee on its own merits.

I must also explain that love is often misplaced and abused. Like I explained in the post "Who Got Game," post date April 8Th, 2010, some people can sense weaknesses in others and are quick to exploit them.

These types of people often abuse love. They use people. Some are smarter than others. The smart ones take their time and reel their victims in slowly. Some are even capable of keeping fish on their hook(s) for years or even lifetimes. The less skilled are prone to try to cash in too big too fast which gives them away..

My advice to you all is love well and be kind to others, but be careful who you trust and allow yourselves to love.

A wise man was reported to have said, "Be as wise as serpents and gentle as doves."

Always real,
Supaman Tion Terrell

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