Monday, June 7, 2010

Lovely Thoughts.

A funny thing about love is you can't control it. You can feel it taking you over. It makes you feel all warm and tingly when you so much as think of that special person.

It doesn't matter if you know you shouldn't get too close to this person. It doesn't matter if you know you'll catch hell if you allow these feelings to develop. Love has a mind of its own. We all fall under its influence at some time or another.

Last night, I wrote about abused love. Today, I've been trying to decide if love is always right. I mean we can't help who we love, and sometimes love makes us believe we can change the things about others that could be a danger to us. Wait. Love doesn't make us believe that. We lie to ourselves in this manner because love makes us weak.

But still, is love always right?

I can't decide. What I do know is that we often confuse other feelings with love. Lust can be just as powerful a motivator as love. Pity can even feel like love under the right circumstances.

My experiences have taught me that love is often an attachment we feel toward others based on our assessment of their ability to meet our needs. The problem with this is we don't always know what we need. There is also the likelihood that one,or both parties in the relationship is doing their best to wear their best face as the relationship develops.

This leads to falling in love with illusions. As you get to know the lover you soon become disenchanted with them. However, some people will hang on to a person that is not good for, nor to, them because they are afraid to give up on the love they feel. Even though that love isn't felt toward the real person whom they are with.

I guess in this case, it would seem that love is wrong. I must point out that love wasn't wrong in this case. Someone allowed themselves to love a persona before learning who that other person really was. The individual is at fault not love.

So, my question remains unanswered. I really would like an answer to this question that makes sense. I know love is the best, most powerful emotion a person can feel. I'm confused because it seems love begets so many disasters.

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