Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekly Reflections: Our Successes are too Few.

I've been a part of the activism scene for only a brief time, but already I have a deeper understanding as to why we are not very successful as a whole.

Cheerleading: Standing on the sidelines making noise.

Actism: (I made the word up) Pretending to be an activists while doing nothing more than talking to kill time.

Fraud: I get so many reports of possible scam artists I can't even address them all. I don't have time for mud slinging nor do I have the patience.

Childishness: We aren't kids! Yet, some of us act like it when someone presents facts we don't want to hear. Then we turn around and start campaigning against those we are supposed to be working with to make changes.

Selfish Agendas: I'm so sick of being asked to join causes to free such and such person that my head is spinning. This is not about any one person people. It is about the system as a whole. Besides, I've wasted a lot of time while in prison helping people while being lied to. Sorry but I can't risk my credibility nor that of my supporters on a person I don't know because they claim to be innocent.

Busybodies: I get requests to join dozens of causes everyday. How in the hell can I actively contribute to that many causes. I'd be a fool to try. Sometimes these request are coming from the same person. What I'd like to know is, how in the hell can you be an activists if you are in front of your computer all day chatting and sending around cause requests.

Promise Makers: This I'm also guilty of. I've committed to doing things with good intentions, but later i get so overwhelmed by the work involved with other projects that I can't do everything I want to do. However, I've never committed to do something that I didn't intend to do. Nor, have I ever just decided to be lazy and not do anything. We have to be able to trust and have faith in one another, if we are going to work together and succeed.

Whiners: I've had so many conversations and IM chats with people who have more complaints than I ever want to count. But that's all some of these people want to do is complain and then wait for someone else to do the work for them.

Hitchhikers: I can't even name all the people who have tried to use me and U.C.A.P. for their own gains without bringing anything to the table. I hate that. I'm not here to be used to make you or your organization stronger unless you are willing to do the same for the other organizations who are a part of this struggle.

I guess I'm done. At least for now. I have to bring these things to light for everyone to consider. If you are not serious about getting some things done as a whole then leave the rest of us alone. We have too much work to do in my attempts to change a corrupt system.

The task before is not an easy one. We are fighting a system that has been strategically put into place and has a lot of support from people with real power. If we keep going the way we are going we might as well stop trying. Yeah we might free a few prisoners, but the system isn't changing very much.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

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  1. im doing what i can in the u.k some people are shocked when i tell them how bad the jutice system is, as soon as i heard uk was exporting drug to u.s for executions, i printed off loads of letters & got people to sign them & sent them to Dr Vince Cable,