Monday, January 17, 2011

Romantic Monday Art. 5

Yes lover, things like this run through my mind when I set across the room from you during those quite times while you watch TV.

Then there are the times when I run my fingers through your thick brown hair. You lay on my chest at and I listen to you breathe. It's best when you are trying to catch your breath while you wait for your body to stop trembling.

But, it doesn't stop there. I write about you all the time. I might as well include the latest.


How can the memories we make continue to get better?
Each day I learn to love you in new ways and to greater depths.
Never have I found such joy in another human being.
Have you noticed the way others look at us?
They stare.
Some in envy.
Some in utter confusion.
I can hear their minds working.
"How can such an odd couple be so happy?"
But, we are not odd.
We're just two people who waited way too long to find one another.
But, that isn't a proper summary.
We found each other at the perfect time.
When our needs could not have been greater.
Timing just as perfect as you, My Love.
I couldn't even sleep last night.
The memories of our joys forced me to stay awake and relive them.
I never want to sleep again!

I love you,

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