Thursday, January 6, 2011

Inmate Voices Vol.2 Art. 2: Harold Lee


Your letters seem to fade away

Your time is no longer your own

The enthusiasm you apply to a cause

Has really really grown

You give your time to serve what is right

In aid of those confined

Reaching out to people in need

A helping hand, a word thats kind

Seldom is anyone turned away

It mattersnot the nature of a crime

You value the making of a friend

for you a friendship means a lifetime

So even though your letters fade

I know the burden you bear

I may show moments of doubt

When no mail brings dispair

Thats just me being the fool

Cuz I know you really care

You show that in each letter you write

And in the things you share

So please forgive my indiscretion

You girl I truely adore

Each time I think of you

I love that much more

I support all you do

No matter what that might be

You bring awareness to the wrongs of the world

That means a lot to me

H.L. Oct 5

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