Friday, January 14, 2011

Philosophy Friday: I Walk Alone

"With much wisdom comes vexation, and he who increases knowledge increases in sorrow."

If there is a Bible verse I will stand behind, it's Proverbs 1:18. I'm not a religious person because I know religions were created by men. Also because the people who profess to follow any given religion don't do very good jobs of it. They don't even heed their own religious scriptures. I do believe in a God, and helping others, however, I'm convinced that the world we live in isn't godly.

I'm not perfect either, but I at least have the fortitude to be honest with myself and to seek a true understanding of reality which so many would rather I not discover. My biggest problem is verbal lashing out when I'm angry, but that's a great leap from being violently vindictive as I once was.

People can only be ruled through ignorance. Ignorance must be carefully propagated in our age of information disseminating resources. Thus we have the media industry and various entertainment spectacles. And, lets not forget religions; which history shows us has been a means of mass control to the people in power since the beginning of popular recorded history. But then, most of recorded history has been filtered and falsified by the governing parties.

A fact in history that no one can dispute is that all the great thinkers from Socrates to Einstein were thought to be crazies by the masses. Only later were the great philosophers, mathematicians, and scientists respected for their genius. What's funny is that there are many alive right now who have the same aptitude as the great thinkers of history who walk around blind to their potential, or who sell it corporations for money, or who suppress it because they have no outlets that will give them satisfaction. That lack of satisfaction comes from the average person's unwillingness to accept uncomfortable truths.

All my life I've been one of the latter. I wanted to fit in. I didn't want to be the nerd. I was a class clown and trouble maker in school. I aspired to be a thug. I used drugs to mask the unhappiness. I even tried suicide a few times. Then I landed in prison for ten years.

I emerged a learned individual with poor social skills. I have been feeling like less of a human being because of my social blunders, but not anymore. I see now the truth is that those people with all the social graces are fakes. They do what they have to do to fit in. They bite their tongues and they do what is expected of them to avoid rocking the boat.

Yeah I may not always make people happy. People may choose not to like me, but at least I'm honest with myself and with the one person who matters most to me.

I can live with that.

By the way, to the coward who insists on posting ridiculous attacking comments on this blog I know who you are. You mat want to quit while you are ahead. My patients is worn thin. Consequences catch up with everyone.

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  1. May one day you be truly fulfilled in every aspect of you life. It is so unfortunate that people can not stomach others successes, they wish that everyone wallow in self pity and derogation. May you chose to surround yourself with people that can enhance your morals. Let your mind gain peace and tranquility as knowing you can not change people only change the way you deal with them. I leave you today with the hope and the mindful thinking that goes beyond all grasps of human understanding.