Monday, January 24, 2011

Romantic Monday Article 6

I can't keep the tears from falling. I can't stop wondering whats wrong with me. It is almost as though the moments we are not together are like years.

I don't understand how my heart can be so wrapped up in you. I'm not complaining, then again, maybe I am. I want to know why I have times when I'm left feeling like missing you will kill me. I want to know why the sound of your voice (real or imagined) makes me shudder.

Sometimes I wonder if this is love, or if its worship. Maybe it is just insanity.All I know is that when I need you at times when you aren't there I wanna die. Living just hurts too much.

Sometimes I tell myself that I should be happy. Not every man in the world can say he has won the heart of the woman of his dreams like I have. It never works though. When I'm not near you there is not enough air to breathe. There is never enough heat to keep me warm. I can not be satisfied.

I never intended to love you like this. I don't even know what you have done to possess me so. I don't even know if I like it. I love loving you, but it gets hard feeling like I'm only half alive when I have to be away from you.

I don't even know how I can go on composing this article. I usually pour my heart into these passages, but today my heart is not with me. It is in your hands. If i dig deep, all I find is the emptiness that lies where my heart used to be.

Take care of it for me. You can keep as long as you desire. I won't need it.

All I need is you.

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