Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekly Reflections: Dear Foe

Your last comment goes to show how stupid you really are. I wonder if you realize that it can be traced. You can not hide behind the web. In fact, your not even stepping up and claiming your childish comments shows a lot about your character. I won't even bother with revenge right now because I get such satisfaction out of you expressing your hatred in such a childish way.

If I were you, I'd hate me too. I throw reality into your face when you have been content so long with the crap you've been spoon fed by other fools. You say I have no education, try me. Prove something that I've written wrong. Prove something that I've said wrong.

You attack me because you spend your life wishing you could be something you are not. Trying your best to fit in amongst people you feel are your betters. Then I come along, a black ex-con with the audacity to stand up to those betters whose buttocks you've been kissing and show them they are a bunch of fools and hypocrites.

I'm smarter than you, and have a better job than you. Soon I will be more wealthy than you. I've had successes that make you sick to your stomach and I haven't been out of prison a whole year yet.

It's a sad world when a man must compromise certain morals just to make a way in this world. If I spoke the whole truth all the time everyone would hate me just as much as you. Just like yourself, the majority of people are content with their false realities and they hate anyone who can challenge them. But, sadly for you, your hatred runs deeper, because you tried to debate with me and lost. You couldn't even control your emotions. You never can. You are weak, ignorant and childish.

You aren't even a challenge to me because you debate facts with emotions. Grow up a little. Become someone that you like. Stay in your place and leave the intellectual banter to those who are intelligent enough and mature enough to handle it.  

Your Nemesis

I guess you need a dictionary for that word right? Have fun.

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