Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Humpday Entertainment presents: S.K. Yule

He gently restrained her hands and smiled down at her, knowing the two pack members watching could not see his expression with his back to them. “Good girl.”
“I’m not a dog.”

His brows dipped down. “I did not know that I implied that you were.” If she had an aversion to dogs, he was in deep shit.

“Most people refer to their dogs with a hearty “good girl” or “good boy” when they do something worth praise. I’m not a damn pet.”

“I didn’t mean it like that,” he whispered next to her ear, and didn’t miss the way she quivered when his warm breath hit her cool skin.

She blew out an agitated breath. “I know. I’m just a little on edge.”

He nodded, and as she finished up with her bath, he cleaned himself quickly and tugged her from the lake. He picked up the one towel they had been given and handed it to her. He wrestled his jeans over his wet skin, and waited for her to dry and dress before leading her back toward the cave. When they settled toward the back wall, he was pleased to see that they’d been given a bit more food than the previous night, most likely a reward for heeding Damon’s commands.

They ate in silence while night fell, and he watched as the stars popped out and twinkled around a nearly full moon. “We are leaving tomorrow night.”

She stopped chewing and set her bowl down. “Thank God. Do you think we will make it?”

Her eyes sparkled with doubt, and he wanted to assure her they’d be okay, but he couldn’t guarantee anything. “I’ll protect you.” That wasn’t a lie. He’d die protecting her.

“I’m scared.” Janine’s bottom lip quivered.

The need to comfort her beat through him. He reached for her and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her snug against him. “We’ll get through this. Somehow, we’ll get through this.”

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