Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Humpday Entertainment: The Comeback

I bet ya'll thought this no good ex-con nigger had to stay on his back didn't you.
You wanna believe I have no right to hold my head up.
Look at me and grind your teeth to the gums. Bite your nails to the cuticles. Stomp your feet.
Continue to pray that I will have a humbling experience that will teech me to stay in my place.

I welcome it.

Since I got out of prison nothing has been easy, but I haven't fallen yet.
I grow more angry and more bitter everyday.
What little seeming victories your pathetic plots amass only work out to my best interest.
Call it luck. Call it unfair, but still you can't change it.

I will not lose.

No matter what you cowards do I will not stop until my point is proven.
This ex-con will pave the way for so many after me to recognize and capitolize on our potential.
Don't call me a revolutionary.
A revolutionary is the last thing I want.

The revolution scares me!

Oppressed people will only stay down so long.
Every great society has fallen. Primarily because it became great though the oppression of it's citizens.
The oppressed classes always wake up and want there freedom.
Thus, the nation looses it's foundation.

America will be no different.

You racist ignorant bastards need not fear the excon who strives to make a way for himself by establishing myself amongst you.
You must fear the angry persons who don't have the business backround that I have.
Who haven't studied as well as I have to make themselves better after society turned them into angry, cold, heartless, criminals.

They are getting angrier.

They aren't in prison. They have guns and nothing to live for.
They feel little more than hatred and they have noone to take it out on.
You did well to turn us against each other, but you did too well.
You locked too many of us up and made most of us worse.

You will pay for this eventually.

They won't do drive by shootings on each other once they are all to poor to have anything to fight for.
Minimum wage jobs aren't enough to sustain drug addictions in poor communities.
You are cutting back on welfare too remember?
Drugs for sex won't cut it.

They will have to start robbing you opressive cretons soon.

Yeah this may give you an excuse to kill us all off via the genicidal institution you call the criminal justice system.
Who will you focus on then when you need someone to hate and blame your problems on?
Who will you look down on when everyone you look up too is openly lucking down on you as they have been in secret for so long?
Who will you hide behind when it is everyone for themselves and you get thrown to the angry vengeful wolves you have mistreated like you have treated me?

I too await my time!

Who will the government have to give simple minded taxpayers as an excuse for exploiting them?
What religion will they force on you to get you continue to allow them to lie to you?
You can't run to the police for protection when they have orders to contain you and control you along with all those you like to fancy yourself as better than.
The only thing you old fashioned bigots have in your favor is old age.

You might die before all hell breaks loose and you will be forced to see the truth.

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