Thursday, March 10, 2011

Inmate Voices: North Carolina Juvenile Institution

"But this prison is a youth institution and every inmate here closed suctody or medium custody. The age group is from 13 to 21. This is the only prison without air conditioning. It is very hot here in the Summer time. Every inmate have his own room. The rooms don't have sink or toilet. You have to put your towel under the door to use the restroom. The prison is a highrise, it's 16 stories high. The 14 and 16 floor is segregation. 16 floor is where they house the I-Con, H-Con and M-Con inmates. They get fed less than everybody else. They only come out their cell for one hour each day."

These words are typed directly from a letter I recieved from a young man incarcerated in NC. I have also been informed that the inmates in this institution must pay to participate in school.

I share this with my readers to show how sad the situation is. Juveniles are tried as adults in NC, regardless of the offense, at age 16. Jail time must be served at the institution described above until release or transfer to an adult prison.

NC's answer to the problem is breaking laws and denying civil rights, in penal institutions, to individuals who are at the prime age when they can be rehabilitated.

Yet it is the criminals we are taught to blame for their inability to be changed by sojourns in prisons. U.C.A.P is preparing to address this atrocity! You can register to join our support group @

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  1. I just read this letter while i was sitting at my desk at work, now tears are running down my face. I recognized the author of this letter by his writing as I have exchanged many letters with him over the past year. He is a good kid who made a mistake, he had no record prior to the charge he is serving time for. He doesnt really have any family and no hope for a future without some help from strangers. I want to say, Thank you to everyone who helps to right the wrongs done to these kids. Yes, they committed crimes and should be held responsible for their actions, but in the end they are still kids and they at least deserve the same rights as adult prisoners. Thank you again for your help!