Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Humpday Entertainment: Life is a Battle

Life is a battle. We all fight it to the best of our abilities as much as we are capable of.
So many of us are lost in a warzone of powerful people who want more power.
Some of us merely survive, while others prosper. Some get so overwhelmed they just give up.
All that needs to be said is that we all have to seek out what is right and true and live by it.
We all have troubles in the journey of life though no couples troubles are exactly the same.
All people really need is understanding amongst one another.
How impossible this is when people don't know themselves.

The hardest thing for most to overcome is the grief of loss.
There is no magic pill.
Love and fear are the most powerful emotions we know.
Love can be devestating when we have to let go.
We look for reasons to blame ourselves.
The pain of loss is so great we'd rather cover it with guilt.
We can't give in to that nor other temptations to wallow in pain.

We still have those who need us and need to feel needed and loved by us.
We have to strive to live for those who remain with us and for ourselves.

When the pain is great, remember the love that was shared and the joys you've lived because of it.
Life has a cycle over which we have very little control.

What we can control is how we choose to learn and grow from what life forces us to endure.
Each of us owes it to ourselves and to those we have lost to make the most of those opportunities.

Always real,
Supaman Tion Terrell

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