Saturday, November 6, 2010

Good Morning

My body is sore from hard work and my 50+hr week is not yet over.
My stomach is upset and I have a slight headache that promises to get worse.
I shall not complain.

Flashbacks in the forms of dreams haunt my sleep.
Reminding me of the many wrongs I committed while I lived life as a self-destructive fool.
At least now I'm a better person.

Still I burn bridges because of ignorance despite my good intentions.
Enemies, who were once friends, find ways to harass me to get revenge.
My true friends still pick me up when I'm down.

Failures multiply each day.
I keep falling short on the willpower I need to meet certain agendas.
My successes are few in comparison, but they are far greater.

I'm hated by many who hardly know me.
Mostly due to prejudices that are justified via my mistakes.
I'm loved by a few who make life worth living.

This morning is a good morning.
I can keep fighting to better myself and to be the man I know God expects me to be.
Love strengthens me when I feel weak.

Love is the most powerful emotion that a human can feel.
For a decade I feared I would never know love again.
My cup runneth over.

I close my eyes to see the face of one whom I know I was destined to love.
Dreaming of the day we shall find happily ever after.
I wonder constantly if happily ever after can be reality.

Who will I be if this love fades?
Surely my life will never be the same.
Letting go might break me.

And, so, I cherish each moment during which I can occupy her attention.
I taste the tears we've shed together and still I savor them.
They are nearly as sweet as the the love we made when we made up.

I lick my wounds as I count my blessings.
Loving her is what I was born to do.
Yes. This is a good morning.

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