Friday, November 5, 2010

My Place in Society

When life is good we tend to forget the hard times and the people who got us through them. Well, I don't have that problem because everyday of my life is an uphill battle. I count this as a blessing because I never have time to get lazy nor content. I also appreciate being reminded how much real love from friends and family means to me.

I'm sure you all have dealt with the good intention having promise makers that don't come through when you need them. I have dealt with that type all my life. I'm so used to it now that I don't trust much of what I'm told now days. But, then I have the people whom I know are behind me. I don't bother with asking them for what is needed. I know already they will be there whenever they possibly can. I'm sure they know they can expect the same from me.
I am grateful for these friends.

I obvious;y have my share of enemies too.  They are a big help to me as well since their attempts to derail or undermine me are not only entertaining, they stir up just enough pride and sometimes anger to make me work harder. Besides, as they say, I must be great if I'm on another person's mind so much that they have to try to push my buttons. Not to mention they are cowards who won't chance a real confrontation.

Either way, I have a job to do. I believe I'm doing quite well at it thanks to the aid and guidance I get from those persons who want me to successfully adjust to society. Meanwhile, I'm doing all I can to make the task easier for future ex-cons, and trying to steer young people away from crime.

We all have roles to play in life. I'm glad I discovered mine and that I've been blessed with all that I need to accomplish what I must. I wish the same for everyone.

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