Sunday, November 14, 2010

Opportunity for Progress

Some of you will note that I have created a new Facebook Group to work in unison with the United Coalition of Advocates for Prisoners. It is the United Coaliton of Advocates for Prisoners (U.C.A.P.) Support Group.

I want you all to know this group was not created to compete with any other existing group. It was created because many have agreed with me that the coalition's vision for a comprehensive support group would best be implemented if a new group were formed and had clear objectives and plans for achieving them.

At this time, there are only a few members who have been selected and prepped to play critical roles in the groups development and direction. I wish not to have any activists take offense to their not being included at this time. I don't know everyone involved in our mutual fight. Therefore, I may have left out some very qualified persons due to ignorance.

If any of you are interested in aiding us in the growth of a group that will, not only, advocate for prisoners, but will also support them and their loved ones, as well as assist them by compiling and disseminating resource information, please complete the registration form at Supaman Scribes:

It is time the coalition took on more responsibility than we were previously prepared to. It will take more than distributing finances to others, and my writing about problems, to fix them. The coalition has much to offer in the knowledge and experience of it's members. It is my responsibility, and our member's obligation, to offer everything we can in a comprehensive package through an organization that has been established to meet specific goals that will empower all interested parties to work towards effectively changing a corrupt system.

I implore any of you who are serious about activism to register for membership and make it known to us what you can bring to this organization, and what you expect/need from us. We will move forward with sure direction so that we will effectively be able to gauge our progress and thereby be able to improve ourselves as persons and activists as we continue to meet goals. In coming months, we expect some employment opportunities to be available too.

Always real:
Supaman Tion Terrell

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  1. Amen...keep up the good work Tion, God Bless you.