Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Since I've been out of prison, I've been like a teething child looking at others eat steak. When I went in, text messaging wasn't even popular. It may not have been out yet. Yet, in order to get ready for my book releases, I'm using every tool available to me to promote me and my work.
People give me advice, but they don't really understand how much I really don't know.
This is the paradox.
I was a restaurant exec. before prison. I worked my way up from washing dishes, and I didn't even have any formal education. Then I sat in prison for ten years reading all the textbooks that college students study to get degrees in business, marketing, psychology, and theology.
So, I come home with a book due out within a few months, and I need to promote it. However, I'm broke. No one will give me a job. I put together the sites that I have by myself and I'm still learning to use them. Meanwhile I'm talking big things about what I can do for others, especially our youth.
I can't blame others for not taking me seriously. I laugh at it really. I'll be on top of the game soon. I refuse to settle for anything less. I started a career in writing while incarcerated and I spent a lot of time preparing to excel in the profession. The disbelievers can laugh now, but I'll laugh last. I extend invitations for others to get on board so we can network to all our benefit, but they believe I'm unworthy. The price will go up after I'm a household name.
I communicate personally with officials from the Mayor up to the Senate. The anthology with my work in it is being promoted by the Ford Foundation. I have a detailed marketing plan that should lead to my becoming a millionaire in three years. As I accumulate this wealth I'll be doing everything in my power to change the conditions that are getting worse for our youth , because Americans are naive enough to trust politicians and the media.
My posts up to this point have been demonstrations of my ability to express myself. Now, I'm ready to get down to the Nitty-Gritty. The caveat I extended to the fake activists out there is about to unfold.
If you haven't taken me seriously up until now, you will after tomorrow.

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