Friday, March 19, 2010

Hello World

Okay world. Supaman's here. I've lived a life that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, and now that the bullshit is over it's time that I take the stage and share all the lessons I've hard learned. So what there's a whole lot of dirt in my past! The autobiography will be out in a year so everybody will know all my dirty little secrets anyway.
Yeah, I've done almost ten years in prison. Yeah, I was a drug addict. Yeah, I got into a hell of a lot of trouble in prison. Yeah, I'm unemployed. No, I don't own anything more than my broke black backside.
I won't make excuses. I won't point the finger of blame either. I won't even include a "but."
That's simply not how I operate. I studied enough while I sat in prison to have earned numerous degrees. Everything I learned I learned in order to understand who I am, why I did/do the things I did/do, and how I can change those things about my person that put me in prison in the first place.
I did this because three different women were pregnant with babies that I thought were mine at the time of my arrest. Because I didn't hear anything from any of these women while I was incarcerated. This showed me I had to learn to be a real man and make something of myself so that my children could someday be proud of me. I've been out a month and I still don't know if those children are mine, nor where they live.
That doesn't matter right now though.
What matters is that you all know that I know I owe society for all the evils I committed and that I'm going to pay that debt. I'm going to pay it by pissing some people off with the truth-maybe you. I really don't care though. I'm a man of my word and my debts will be paid.
If you doubt me, all you have to do is pay attention; my writings will be published as well as my poetry. Its about time a black man stepped to the plate and did something for the misguided young Americans of all races. Something more than talk a good talk and build a charity that buys him all the toys he wants (women included.)
I'll be back later. I'm not exactly computer savvy and I'm stumbling through this. I'll leave you with this:
I couldn't give a damn less if you can't put any faith in me now. I don't even want you to. Just watch me. You all will get what I owe you.

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