Monday, March 29, 2010

The Things Men Do

Thank you for taking the time to grow with me. I hope you think enough of my writing to tell your friends about my blog. Shouldn't we share truth?
Also, I want my readers to share your thoughts. I publish comments if they aren't harmful. I am here for everyone-generally speaking. Personal relationships may develop with some,but that's life.
I must now address men as I addressed women yesterday. It takes two to make a relationship work. There are good men out there. Many who claim to want good men don't know what to do when you find one. I'm only speaking from personal observation. (If I don't know you, I can't be talking about you.)
What I have seen is women not treat the good men they had the way a good man wants to be treated. It probably wasn't intentional. We all are guilty of treating people we love the way we want to be treated, or the way we think they should be treated. Few ever think to find out how their lover feels they need to be treated. Then too, if you asked most people, they might not know how to express themselves in a way you'd understand.
With the above aside, a man completes his woman in the same way she completes him. In all the attributes women are stronger than men, men don't need to be as strong in as long as he is loyal, the primary provider, and a role model to his children of the way a man treats a woman. While the woman teaches your children verbally about honorable men, the father is the example.
Be mindful that boys grow up to be like their fathers in many ways. Equally dangerous is the likelihood that little girls grow up to date and maybe even marry those who are similar to their fathers. She will probably treat him the way her mother treated her husband. It happens because, men and women alike, stick to what they are comfortable with. I could elaborate but a proper explanation will fill a book.
In a solid relationship, where understanding and appreciation between man and woman are strong, there is a bond that exudes strength, contentment, and love.
The man's role in the family is just as critical as the woman's, but in a different way. He is strength, security,and stimulation. He insures the family's growth toward the goals set in the confidence of the woman.
This doesn't mean women can't work outside the home. Nor does it mean men don't have to do chores around the house.
This aint the Fifties.
My goal today is the same as it was yesterday. I felt the need to shed some light on what I see as the roots of the problems of our society. We've lost our way. When men and women embrace the best they find in each other and pass this practice on to children, our society will become a better place.
Always real,
Supaman Tion Terrell


  1. I think the couple men have a clearly defined role as women. gender equality is a fiction, something that other people convinced us be necessary. Do not misunderstand me, rights, duties, responsibilities and opportunities must be the same for men and women outside the home and inside the house but men and women are not equal. is a mistake to think that. men and women should have tasks dives in the pair. is very nice to be with a man who allows you to be female. and is very nice to have near a mash that is also a man. I do not know if you know what I mean.

  2. Datura, I think I know what you mean. A woman named Claire posted something similar to what you're saying on her staus not too long ago. A man has to be man enough to let his woman be a woman, and vice versa. What is expected from each party in the relationship should be established before things get serious. The problem is most people don't set these expectations.

  3. Datura (facebook)March 31, 2010 at 8:45 AM

    Hai perfettamente ragione.
    E se uno (o entrambi) sono esperienze dure e violente, come me, � iperbolicamente difficile trovare un equilibrio nel rapporto.
    E 'estremamente difficile.