Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Bonus

There is a place I love and know.
A place where time moves slow.
Its a very special place to me.
You and I should go.

I'll blindfold you to surprise you.
Take your hand and guide you.
Uncover your eyes by riverside.
Then take my seat beside you.

I'll feed you treats while I sing.
Thank you for the joy you bring.
Your head will rest upon my chest.
We'll welcome the birth of Spring.

I'll run my fingers through your hair.
Lose myself in your eyes.
We'll talk about our love.
Feel your heart beat next to mine.

Birds will serenade us.
We'll nap in the shade of trees.
I'll wake you with a gentle kiss.
Then I'll listen for your needs.

Your wish shall be my command.
I brand myself your slave.
Ask with words, or with your body.
Just don't ask me to behave.

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