Sunday, March 28, 2010

Know Your Place & Sunday Bonus

Two days ago, I wrote about the things I owe, and my duty to spread truth to my Flower. In my first blog I promised to pay my debts.
I'm a man of my word!
My goal in life is to change the conditions that breed crime. In order to do so I must make sure you all know that women lie at the heart of this revolution. Women have lost their way, and as a result our families have fallen apart. This applies to both the poor and wealthy communities.
Now, some of what needs to be said here will sound "old fashioned." That's not my fault. That blame must be placed on the chauvinists who turned woman's most honorable roles in the household to duties they owed to undeserving unappreciative men.
To illustrate this point, I'm going to bring up God. No, I'm not going to get religious! Consider all the attributes we praise God for the most: nurturing, merciful, forgiving, loving, and compassionate, etc. These are qualities we find in the woman's nature. The aggression, rebelliousness, and pride we find in the man's nature is attributed to that other guy. This is all being stated in a general sense. I'm not being sexist. Nor am I labeling anyone.
To proceed: we have women with their admirable natures. They are this way to meet needs that are pertinent to the survival of the human race. Children need nurturing, love, patience, and realistic educations if they are to grow up to be decent human beings. All of which is instinct for women. This proves she is perfect for the job.
Oppressive men made women resent the most precious relationships they could ever participate in. This reminds me of something I read once about breast cancer. It was proposed that women's decisions to not breast feed, to take birth control, and the taking of hormones to counteract natural lactating after giving birth contributed to widespread breast cancer. I haven't checked the author's sources, but it's still an interesting assertion.
What is known is that children who nurse are emotionally, intellectually, psychologically, and physically superior to those who don't.
Lets go further. Women have proven they can do everything a man can do, and some things that men cannot, when given the opportunity. Even immaculate conceptions have occurred in female animals. We can't deny, either, that all life begins in the womb. The planets and stars form in dark, seemingly empty, space. Plants grow from under the dark soil. Life in the animal kingdom, for the most part, begins in the female's womb.
So, why isn't the woman cherished as the miracle she is?
We forgot who she is. She forgot her purpose. A bunch of fools were too successful at degrading them. Now, most women don't value the the precious purposes for which they were given their great blessings. Most would rather compete with men, at lesser tasks, to prove their equality.
The woman shouldn't compete with the man. She should complete him. When the man goes out to earn his way in the world, he often gets overwhelmed, confused, frustrated, and intimidated. (We've already learned men aren't good at handling emotions.) His woman completes him by comforting him. Giving him tenderness to soothe him. Listen to him and help him sort out his thoughts. Use her intuition to guide him. Of course, the man must be mature enough to share,and wise enough to listen, and be guided.
Good luck with that!
Ladies, I apologize on behalf of all men for what you've suffered at the hands of idiots. I beg you help me make things right. You have to learn to see yourselves as a gift to man and your families. Take some time out to love yourselves for all the beauty within you. When you learn to love, respect, and appreciate and utilize your strengths, everything else will fall into place. You'll choose better partners and friends. You'll raise healthier children. Our communities will get better one household at a time.
Men aren't equipped to do this.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

Special Sunday Bonus: The Place

There is a place I love and know.
A place where time moves slow.
Its a very special place to me.
You and I should go.

I'll blindfold you to surprise you.
Take your hand and guide you.
Uncover your eyes by riverside.
Then take my seat beside you.

I'll feed you treats while I sing.
Thank you for the joy you bring.
Your head will rest upon my chest.
We'll welcome the birth of Spring.

I'll run my fingers through your hair.
Lose myself in your eyes.
We'll talk about our love.
Feel your heart beat next to mine.

Birds will serenade us.
We'll nap in the shade of trees.
I'll wake you with a gentle kiss.
Then I'll listen for your needs.

Your wish shall be my command.
I brand myself your slave.
Ask with words, or with your body.
Just don't ask me too behave.


  1. Great blog. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing xx

  2. This was very well put and wonderfuly detailed. I enjoyed it very much. Be be belessed (misschisa)