Tuesday, March 23, 2010

There is Always More

These words are more than a message to a love. They are more than a means to communicate my appreciation for the unique love we share.

No dictionary has ever defined such a love. Therefore it would prove futile if I attempted to convey its density in any form of writing. Neither poem, song, nor any other art form could adequately capture the essence of the rapture that has imprisoned me.

This is more than a declaration of love. It is more a promise to love you forever. However, I can not promise my love will go unchanged. By the time you are done reading, my love will have grown deeper, but only because I wouldn't have it any other way.

This is more than a way to turn my heart inside out and reveal its content to my best friend. Its more than an outcry by which I iterate my vow to henceforth be loyal and true.

I could claim this is my way of expressing, to a love I cherish deeply, how much you mean to me. That, however, would not be honest. For, this passage is much more than that.

I must add, every moment that we are not together I'm wishing we were. But still there is more.

This confession mustn't be construed as a mere plea for much longed for physical intimacy. My thirst for your affection lies deeper than lust.

It could be said that I'm clearing my head. Airing my thoughts. Releasing pent up emotions that boil through my veins when I think of you. But, somehow, it is still more than that.

This outpouring of my soul provides an excuse to dwell in the warmth that consumes me whenever I reminisce about the joy you brought into my life. While doing so I'm reminded how worthy you are of all the love I have to give. And, it is more than this too.

Here, I swear to be an asset to the rest of your life. I shall be your friend, confidant, and loving companion for the rest of both our days.

You see Love, no matter how much my love inspires me to do for you, I will always be willing to do more.

And; if there is ever a question as to who adores you most, no matter who the competition is, the answer will always be me.

Despite all I've written, I can not say my point has been made. But, as you read, you should be reminded of at least a portion of the unfathomable depths of love I feel for you.

More importantly, when it comes to the love I will die giving you, you can be assured there will always be much, much, more!

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