Friday, March 26, 2010

Three Stages of Life

The Flower

I know a flower when I see one.
With you, its obvious God has blessed the world.

I wonder if you know your worth.
I wish I could give you all that you deserve.

Its my duty to give you truth.
My poverty may leave me unheard.

So delicate so precious.
A reminder of the purpose I serve.

So now I thank you for glimpses of beauty.
I water my flower with words.
. . .

Second Encounter

The heart is now the flower in bloom.
Soft petals unfolding to kiss the sun.
Elegance never before witnessed.
I cannot water my flower as I'd wish.
I pray for rain.
Chance loving words to show I care.
If there was a pedestal worthy, I'd place this flower there.
The world must partake of its beauty.
Exquisite existence.
I marvel at its effect.
So much potential.
Invigorating sail on wings of power.
Love and admiration are inevitable.
Life becomes more beautiful still.
. . .

I Can Now Keep Fighting

I look to the past to learn from mistakes.
In the present, I study, I learn, I write.
In the future I dream and am happy.
Bask in the view, begetting delight.
My heart knows peace when I hold my pen.
My mind explores my wrongs, and rights.
The soul yearns the continence of a friend.
Adoring a flower that evades my sight.
Potential untapped has no meaning.
For who needs shade when there is no light.
Life may be cruel, harsh, and demeaning.
A glance at a flower makes everything right.
. . .

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