Friday, July 9, 2010

Getting Organized

I announced a change of heart regarding the fight with the Death Penalty legislation around the world. Prior to this change of heart, I saw nothing wrong with the Death Penalty (DP.) My response to invites to join the fight was usually along the lines of "If someone did something to my family, I'd kill them myself so the state was doing me a favor."

Then I had a discussion with Bob Wakfer during which I explained that most people who fight the DP do so as an emotional response to having a loved one on death row. I saw no need in joining forces with emotional minded persons. He left me taken aback by pointing out that my response, described above, is also an emotional reaction.

It's hard to leave Supaman at a loss for words, but he did it.

That conversation made me reflect on discourses I had with DP fighters like Angela Grobben, Claire Taylor-Wood, Elaine Tyler, Elish Delaproser, Schimaere Overwhelmed, amongst others via Facebook. I realized I'd been selfish and hardhearted.

I can't state the need for changing these laws any better than they've been stated by people who are much wiser than myself. However, I must state the need for unselfish commitment to this cause. We all should be organized and work together if we're after the same thing. There is strength in numbers.

Having said this, I have to inform you that I'm working on building an organization that can aid others who fight for prisoner's rights and DP legislation. It will be self-supporting. I plan to provide financial aid for activism and ensure global support for petitions. Soon, I will create a page where people can provide input that will be used to draft a Charter for the non-profit corporation.

So, my friends, please start considering how we can best join forces to make monumental progress in the fight we have before us.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

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