Monday, July 12, 2010

United Coalition of Advocates for Prisoners' Page's Purpose

I've found the need to make my intentions clear.

I'm in the process of creating a nonprofit that will gaurantee support for petitions and finance various forms off activism and protests.

The foundation will support itself. No financial support will be required from the coalition's members. It will be supported through the sale of literature. I'm an award winning author and poet. I have over a half dozen manuscripts ready for publication. Several of which have been soliceted by publishers around the country. I'm also creating an electronic magazine that will feature the writings and artwork of incarcerated persons.

I'm not intersted in individuals groups, nor causes that fight for individuals. I'm only interested in supporting those who are willing to fight for changing the system as a whole. Every prisoner has rights. Everyone on death row needs to have the DP abolished.

The Facebook page was created to serve as a forum for everyone who wants to change the system for everyone of it's victems' benifit. I want every activists to participate in this discussion. All input will be displayed for everyone else to review and respond to. Though some are not comfortable with this arrangement, it is needed for several reasons:

1: We can determine everyone's needs while drafting the above foundation's charter--legal agreement with the US goverment that outlines the foundation's purpose and mode of operations.(This is required by law, and it prevents most forms of fraud and embezzlement.)

2: We can determine as a group how to ensure progress through tactical planning.

3:We can prevent many mistakes incurred by leaders who are prone to make mistakes do to common human imperfections by helping our leaders identify oversights.

4: We will eliminate selfishness, dictatorship, recklessness, and sabotage from this fight for justice for prisoners around the world!

So please, if you are serious about bringing about change in this corrupt system, share your concerns, advice, complaints and insights in the page's discussion.

Most sincerely,
Supaman Tion B. Terrell

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