Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just thinking

I write this post with a bit of an attitude. I'm angry at myself mostly. I opened the door for miscommunications with people I wish I hadn't because I'm such a flirt. I never would have noticed it if it hadn't been for a big disappointment I suffered by a woman I really do care a hell of a lot about.

Its like this. I believe men have a responsibility to take care of the women in their lives the best way they can. On Facebook the only way I can do that is with sincere advice and compliments. Now, I'm learning some people have taken those flirts and compliments more seriously than they were meant.

I'm angry at myself for being so damn stupid! I went through this before since I've been released.

I guess all the pressure I've been under to do so much so quickly distracted me to the point where I reverted to what I've always done when it comes to women.

With that said, I don't want anyone to think I'm being angry or cold in the future, but from now on I will be very direct, formal and professional. Most of my Facebook friends have never seen this side of me, but I've learned its much better this way.
No one will have excuses to make me look bad. No one will have to worry about whether I'm a web stalker. And, most importantly I won't be tempted to fall for a woman who'll turn around and break my heart.

Always real,
Supaman Tion Terrell


  1. Its sad to hear such an event occurred. I believe we treat people the way we would like to be treated. (flirting) as we have called requires the maturity of the mind, body and soul. If this individual knew you had a significant other, then the "so called flirting" should have been taken for just that innocent flirting! Sad so, sad, that some women and men, can not understand we were both put on this earth to work together and uplift each other, male and female. Your right men are suppose to take care of the women in their life, and women take care of the men in their life. Men and women are to inspire, love and support one another during this journey of life in friendship, and love. Never stop being who you are. Your loving spirit is part of your character. I say be more cautions in your dealings, some people are not as mature as others,and will see things for something it is not. Believe me I have experienced the same, its just men take things in a diffrent manner,and react differently. So I am still that flirty loving woman, I have always been, but a little more aware of who I am dealing with. But you do what is best and never think that anything you do or have done thus far is stupid. Remember we live and learn. Reason, seasons, and life time. Not everyone in your life will be here to stay. Much love and respect to you Tion. Blessings have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Sorry this happened, Tion. Don't need to know details. Just hang in there. The problem with FB (or any written communication) is people can really misinterpret what you meant. That's why when I was teaching, they told us to always call the parents on the phone rather than email -- so they could hear that our voices were sincere. It's hard, because I find it so much quicker and more efficient these days to just text or email. But like I said, it can lead to miscommunication.

    Anyway, stay strong.

    Peace & friendship,

  3. I'm really sorry that you're feeling this way, and that you've had such a bad experience. You're a nice man who deserved better, and if anyone is conceited enough to think anything other than that, then it should be their problem, not yours. Please don't let someone else's problems affect who you are.

  4. I am glad that you are "just thinking" and you should be angry with yourself. There is way too much "innocent" flirting going on these days. Come on now lets be completely honest with yourself and others. Women love to get attention and men are way to eager to oblige. So if you are feeling a little down because you unintentionally(so you say)gave someone the wrong impression, then that is admission of guilt. Tion if you want people to believe in you then show that side of remorse, and go from there. To err is human, your closing statement is "Always Real" then know your role in which you play..."Your loving spirit"? Bad experiences? You deserve better? I hear a faint violin in the back ground.......................You hit it right when you said "I feel damn stupid"! You at least where damn straight!!