Friday, July 9, 2010

Together Always

Knowing you makes every sound I hear the most beautiful song I ever heard. The sun has never shined so brightly since I've been alive.There is no discomfort, no pain, not one unhappy moment.

I'm a man of conviction. I'm convinced you are the reason God created woman. You complete me in a way that leaves me so whole I'm overstuffed. I need not food nor water. Your love sustains me.

Each time I lick my lips I feel yours. Tastful and sumptuous. When I rest my hand on the arm of my chair, and when my fingers stroke these keys, I feel your touch. Your fingers intertwine with mine. I feel your pulse quicken as I slowly stroke the back of your hand.

How many times have I told you I love you? Can you count them? Multiply that number by the number of stars in the sky on a clear night. Then do it again. Maybe then you'll come close to the number of times I've smiled to myself while thinking of the way you make me feel.

Am I for real? Can I love you so deeply? I wouldn't believe it myself if there weren't tears welling in my eyes. They aren't tears of pain, nor of joy. It is simply warmth that boils at the core of my being. I'm choking on saliva. Drooling from the corner of my mouth.

Everything within me erupts when I dare ponder your existence. I doubt I'm worthy of the good fortune that brought you into my life. No, I don't doubt. I'd flatter myself to believe you were meant for me. Clearly your purpose was to be the gift for the Earth's greatest man.

I'm only Supaman.

You are before your time or maybe after. This world is not worthy of your beauty, your stature, nor your elegance. I pray God will forgive for partaking in the pleasure of his greatest gift.

I've heard talk about Heaven. It seems like a nice place but I'm not sure I want to go. As long as I'm alive and conscious I can have you. I'm afraid it won't be the same in Heaven.

Give me life forever. Torture me while you're at it. Subject me to horrors beyond comprehension if you will. It matters not. As long as I breathe you will be with me. I need nothing more.

Supaman Tion Terrell

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  1. To encounter love is such a mystical presence. Loving someone so deeply requires much discipline as well as dedication. Many wish to have such an abundant love that reaches beyond any human capabilities. To feel another's caressing touch that pacifies their inner being. Love brings about a heighten sense that we can not begin to explain. Just the sheer presence of that person makes you weaken and lose self control. Waiting for that kiss which you know will make you so profoundly entangled touching the depths of your soul. Love makes you deify all sense and sensibility, and should highly flatter your thoughts and somewhat alters them. Expressing such love may be very hard to say out loud for fear of rejection, but can be put down as a writing to an unassuming individual that may have already had this epiphany.