Wednesday, July 7, 2010

To be Supaman

I was sworn in to the Collinsville Jaycees yesterday. I'm still amazed that my life is moving at the pace at which it is. Not that I don't work for everything that I achieve. It's just overwhelming when I think about it all.

I'm very fortunate to have led the life I've led. Without my trials, I wouldn't have the strength and drive that keeps me going despite the obstacles I've had to overcome.

I spoke with my publisher yesterday. It seems we have worked through our misunderstandings. The release of "The Think Outside the Cell Series" has been postponed to late August or September. That in a way is good news for me. It will give me time to do more promoting and to get more done on my talent show production so that I won't be wrestling with both at the same time.

I'm learning that I can be as successful as I want to be. I came to believe that while I was still in prison, but to pursue it and accomplish it at the pace that I have been gives me a deeper understanding of the profundity of the theory. I feel like I can't be stopped.

I haven't forgotten how easy it is to make enemies. In fact, I'm reminded of this on an almost daily basis. I used to do superintendent work for a property owner. It seemed everyday his ignorant tenants would find a way to associate me with the drama without which they'd have no lives at all. I still fall victim to it even though I havn't worked in three weeks. There are others too, but in all, I've reached the decision to give up on trying to get along with people who aren't worth the effort.

The truth is, nobody in the history of man has been able to please everyone. Not even Jesus Christ!

It still bothers me though. I think I'm a nice guy. I'm sincere. I'm learning more each day to deal with adversity in more productive ways than I did in the past. That's been hard considering I once prided myself on being very effective at retaliation (particularly violence.)

Which reminds me, Lately there have been a few situations that have upset me. It seems people are quick to make excuses for my offenders. However, when I so much as hint at my potential for losing my temper--which is the offendings party's excuse-- I'm told I don't have that right. I'm left asking myself, "Am I more than human? Am I supposed to be perfect?"

Well, if I'm expected to be so much better than the other person, then why isn't that person expected to treat me with proper reverence. Sounds foolish, I know. But, no more ridiculous than others sound when they tell me to suck it up and live with suspicions and prejudices I'm subjected to without any provocation on my part.

But still, I can live with the negativity as long as I stay focused on my progress. I don't want to be that man who lives by instilling fear in others. I'd rather be respected for my intelligence and tenacity. If others are too silly, or naive, to appreciate the man I've become it's their loss, not mine.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

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  1. I loved the blog, and its sad that people are so immature at times. But every experience is a opportunity to learn. The Dalai Lama says when faced with difficult situations its an opportunity to exercise patience. So look at it all as a learning experience to learn about yourself and other people. Acknowledge the lesson learned with in yourself and move on. Never throw your pearls to the swain, the Bible says. If people are not accepting to you they are not meant to be in your life!keep doing what you do. Blessings to you.