Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Philosophy

This is a critical juncture.
So I'll penetrate with philosophy like Chinese acupuncture.
My belly's full, but I hunger.
Democracy and hypocrisy are a simily that makes me wonder.
The blacks are betrayed as beasts.
While our founders are historically genicidal thieves.
Today's slaves don't need whips nor chains.
They're controled by the materialism implanted in their brains.
We work for crumbs. The master still gains.
We go home to slums. The fly off in their planes.
We fight in their army to colonize innocents.
They get all the booty. We can't claim a percent.
So go on, brush your shoulders off. Keep your head up.
If you're waiting for their help, you'll never get up.
We've been stagnated since they started smuggling narcotics.
Remember Black Power and the Hippy busybodies?
They induce us to believe in the media.
Then lie to us while calling everybody else evil.
Even in schools they refuse to teach you the truth.
On Thanksgiving they gave Indians more than just food.
They goaded Hitler to incite facism.
They taught Bin Ladin the whole Taliban system.
Then send us to fight the wars they created.
"More bread. More circus." The truth is underated.
It must be stated: the poor class is hated.
We're oppressed no matter what color's on our faces.
You might think some of this is exaggerated.
Just look at the Americans the government has assassinated.


  1. excellent.

    blessings (miss chisa)

  2. You are a little perturbed I see. For the government and the people have forsaken thee. Lean not on the powers that be. But look in yourself to be free. You can not change the world we live in, only make it a more manageable sin. When this all goes away, you will find a heavens stay. Fret not your heart you are not alone. Your Father hears your indigenous moan.