Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Humpday Entertainment

By: My lover

You are a dream come true my sweet lover....
You give so much to me...
You wonder if I am ever satisfied...
The answer is yes;
I am overflowing with emotional, physical, and spiritual fulfillment thanks to you my Baby...
You really do it for me;
I am forever grateful...
I love you. xoxox

By: Trisha Titsworth

You are the object of my desire.
My passion for you is like a fire.
Spontanious combustion.
Internal erruption.
When I am near you,
You don't know what I want to do.
Kiss you like..
I can only breath air from your sweet lips.
Caress you like..
waves teasing the shore.
Splash, splash, splash,
Taste you like,
you are the epitomy of decadence.
I want to savor every drop.
I won't stop.
Not until we erupt in sexplosion!

By: Tion Terrell

If I could love you more, I wouldn't be human.
A heart of flesh is only capable of so much.

It's quite confusing to have so many intense sensations overpower me when I think of you.

Then again, that doesn't even make sense.
Honestly, I think of you all the time.
I can never concentrate on anything other than you.

Other than us!

There is no me without you.
There is no love.
No world worth experiencing.

Your smile is my sunrise.
Your breath is the sweet morning breeze I pray will greet me at the start of each day.
I wish you were the blood in my veigns.
Sometimes I feel this wish has come true because my heart beats your name.

I often lose myself in memories of your face.
I sleepwalk most of each day because of you.
I replay our discourses instead of paying attention to those around me.

Then there are those times when I can't see the sky.
My eyes won't open because that way it's easier to dream about you.

The words "I love you." are useless.
They can't describe what I feel for you.
But substituting one letter makes the phrase fit.

I live you!

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